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When Seraphine was released and she was being picked every game, I got bored from listening to her voice lines and stuff so I decided to just disable voice volume.

Then, I noticed my gameplay was 'way better' than before because I wasn't listening to champions and I felt like I was able to focus better on the game. It was just a placebo, I actually never got better.

Yesterday I got the Star Guardian Neeko from a chest I got from a drop while watching proplay so I decided to buy her to test, and together with it I decided to enable voice volume again in order to listen to her.

Her voice is incredible satisfying, my league experience has improved and it feels like I have a reason to play this game again. Thanks Neeko.

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Tahm Kench has a couple of wonderful zingers. Telling Dr. Mundo "Your diction is as exemplary as your intellect" is a work of art. Love me some strong tomato Neeko, but Riot put in the work with Tahm Kench and it shows.

Taunting an enemy Ezreal:

“Your youthful rebellion is as tedious as your hairstyle."