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Hello, statistic on champion.gg show that Ashe with maximum winrate pick Q first and max Q first instead of W. Why? Q was buffed but is it enought to be better then good aoe poke ability? And how it's affects style of Ashe? Now I'm poke with w as many as I can and wait for good all in with tanky support or try to catch enemy adc on fail with protect supp like soraka

And how it change item build?

Also seem that many AA based adc start pick 5 blue aspeed runes instead 9 mres. Adc likes jinx, Ashe, other. May be for reach some cap?

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about 5 years ago - /u/Timbolt - Direct link

I don't know much about Ashe. But you really should be really careful when reading champion.gg wins statistics. For example, Ashe maxing Q has a sample size of 262 games. The win rate might be a result of pure luck. So I would not read much into it. That does not mean that maxing Q might not be the best solution, but the decision should not be made based on this statistic. A Master I player arguing for maxing Q first is way more helpful.

about 5 years ago - /u/Timbolt - Direct link

Originally posted by JQKAndrei

I'm pretty confident that if you win games in plat+ with ashe, it's not luck.

I am not saying people who max q are just lucky. Maybe I should have said that the win rate might be a result of randomness, meaning with such a small sample size, it is difficult to say wether maxing q had any influence on the win rate.