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Now that we have some solid info and a way to build pages, let's discuss what runes look strong and post some of your theorycrafted builds for champs that you main.

Example: I main Bard and this is my first go at creating a page for him. I focused on empowering my meeps and burst while still allowing myself to roam and affect the map.


I'm most interested in how Celerity will interact with chime pickup move speed and quite possibly Phase Rush if it gets to that.

Unfortunately, with the changes to the trees, Bard doesn't have a great way to get to Energized (Basically old Thunderlord's). It's possible he could go for it but I'm iffy on the bottom runes being used.

Edit: Actually with Takedowns being assists and towers as well, it may be possible for supports to run the domination tree.

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it's way too early to have any meaningful conversation in this subject. There's something along the lines of 30+ runes not released (Iactually think the dev post said 50+ but i don't want to dig for it) and most of these numbers probably won't see light of day without change.

Can confirm every rune except for the last inspiration keystone has been revealed.