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i didn't like her at first but she's been growing on me

i think a jungler who's job is basically the opposite of a jungler aside from farming efficiently, where you want to get an obj and then crush a side lane, that's really neat strategically. her siege is 100% nuts. i was worried she'd just be another lame auto attack, reset bot like viego but her resets are probably the weakest thing in her kit, and her Q and her herald siege is just crazy

i'm gonna give her....a 7/10, she'll probably be a low elo obliterator but I don't think it's something number changes can't fix. maybe I'll relearn jungle so I can play her


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Would you say that she slaps?

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Sorry to bother you, but could you repost what team (art, gameplay etc) is working on the high-skill toplaner? I swear you posted it before, but I cant seem to find it

Maxw3ll did the original design though one of our newer designers took it over. I can’t remember his rioter name though. The artist is RiotEarp and SkipToMyLuo is doing the narrative