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Originally posted by AspiringMILF

rammus correction - you skill Q first, but not for the movement speed. the ms scales on champ level, not ability level.

you do it because you get a net speed increase from the lower cooldown, and clear increase from higher aoe damage for camps and lower cd on it. (which was covered in vid)

Thanks for the clarification!

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Originally posted by LeOsQ

Rammus' biggest weakness is the fact he's hot garbage early game.

His ganks are alright, even decent, but he has one of the absolute worst clear speeds of any jungler and because of that he can be 'abused' pretty hard early.

I like Rammus but I find playing him miserable because I always feel worthless for the first 15 minutes because of how slow headbutting and scratching jungle camps on him is.

Correction: his ganks are "OK"

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Originally posted by silencebreaker86

Phreak staying loyal to his first love, Trinity Force. You don't see love like this anymore

I'm so happy that Trinity Force is good right now.

Just sucks that I'm hot garbage at top lane.

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Originally posted by XXXVI

Good analysis on Kayle mid, I just have one thing that I do not agree with at all: MPen not being good on Kayle.

Sorcs hit like a truck on carries and Void melts tanks. Especially in this meta where tanks are rare, I don't really feel the need of getting more AS,

Give it a try fellow Kayle players and see the difference in damage

Looking at 2-item starts, Nashors + Berserker's outperforms Nashor's + Sorcs. Looking at 3 item starts, Nashors + Berserker's + Riftmaker outperforms the Sorc Shoes version. Maybe there are niche cases for it, but it appears Sorcs are usually wrong.

Void Staff is just never as performant as other options 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th.

Now maybe you say, "well, people are just buying Void Staff more than they should," to which I reply, "Yes."

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Originally posted by nbst

Phreak, can you tell me what you think of the arguments made in this post in favor of Sunderer:


The idea of playing "poke trundle" is troll AF. That's completely counter to everything in his playstyle and saying "yeah but it's better in cases where you're useless" is not a compelling argument.

Lethal Tempo is his best keystone. Trundle is best played in long duration fights. Trinity Force is far better in long duration fights.

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Originally posted by LeOsQ

Good points and a fair argument. Yeah.