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Ah the mythic items. We know them, we love them, we hate them.

But it feels to me like the fantasy of super powerful item that scales throughout the game was only realized half way. They are definitely at the top when it comes to how powerful they are, the mythic passive bonuses on the other hand feel lacking.

The items passives would be much more satisfying if the item's effect would scale. The current mythic passives feel weak, its just a bit of stats that add gold value to the item.

Why not make the item's effect scale with legendary items and not have mythics just gain small amounts of stats instead?

All the items could easily have a mythic passive that scales its effect instead. For example:

Shield bow - each Legendary item increases the shield and lifesteal you get when dropped below 30%hp.

Liandrys - each Legendary item increases the strenght of burn

Sunderer - increased %hp damage and heal% from dmg dealt per Legendary

Duskblade - increased damage and stealth duration per legendary

Eclipse - increased damage and shield per legedary

Frostfire gauntlet - increased slow zone and slow% per legendary

Chemtank - increased movement speed%, duration and shockwave slow% per legendary.

Galeforce - increased dash range per legendary

I guess you get the point now. I know that adjusting the items towards having their effect scale over the course of the game would probably slow the meta down. Currently mythics are insanely powerful from the get go and that forces everyone to build them first, there are only few exceptions where you dont rush mythic first. The fact that you get the full strenght of the items effect right away makes it so that their effect can not be too strong for a one item spike.

On the other hand it would make the fantasy of an item that scales with how many other items you have feel fulfilled better. It would probably also open up different build paths on different champions because you woulnt need to build mythics first because of how strong they are. I'd love to see them balanced in a way that they are weaker than current mythics if you have no legendaries and stronger than they are now at fuill build.


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This was something partially explored, but the cost of growing Mythic Unique power over more significantly game time is that it was generally coming at the expense of champion kit power. Instead of more items becoming stats, and feeding into your champ's pattern, more items fed into your Mythic's pattern.

Players tend to dislike when they're playing the system more than the champion. It's tricky to strike that balance sometimes.