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big patch many word

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Originally posted by Switchoroo

The best part of preseason is seeing the new meta

Yeah it'll be exciting to see what happens

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Originally posted by bz6

Do you think hex gates will dumb down rotations/macro a bit?

Id actually expect them to make macro more interesting in games with that terrain. Different and faster doesn't mean easier or simpler

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Originally posted by Auzsi

Why no lich bane and night harvester changes? Basically nobody using them at this point.

Not every change we wanted to do could fit into preseason. I'm definitely hoping we can get to more items that aren't feeling great for whatever reason

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Originally posted by thedutchman1234

Sorry I know this might not be in your area but do you know when the prestige shop opens

No clue sorry mate

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Originally posted by papu16

Its a little bit sad that you ignored bruiser items. Trinity force had same problems as cosmic drive(+- decent,but feels meh to use(thanks to 200 hp and stacking passive) so it was overshadowed by divine. Can you do something with it?
Also bruisers feels like only class without "lategame" item. Adc have ie, assasins have serlyda, mages can run rabadon and tanks have stonepltate.

I don't even talk about small amount of mr items(both MR buiser items are hot garbage) Its even more actuall with all that insane buffs for ap champs.

Definitely am interested in doing some fighter item changes, the system isn't in a perfect spot right now. I've been doing some light exploration there recently but I cant guarantee anything

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Originally posted by Nyalenn

lord phlox bless us with a crumb of information about rengar changes. 🥺

I'm jumping back on the project now that preseason is shipped

Originally posted by nzm3883

Tooltip Trackers Numerous item and rune tooltips have been updated to include stat trackers so that players can evaluate the impact of them throughout their games.

Items .BLOODTHIRSTER Now tracks damage blocked by Blood Barrier

.GARGOYLE'S STONEPLATE Now tracks damage blocked by Monolith

.GUARDIAN'S HORN (ARAM) Now tracks damage blocked by passive

.LORD DOMINIK'S REGARDS Now tracks bonus damage from Giant’s Slayer

.RAPID FIRECANNON Now tracks how many times extra range was utilized

.SPIRIT VISAGE Now tracks bonus healing and shielding from Boundless Vitality

.STORMRAZOR Now tracks champions slowed by Paralyze

I’m so glad they show these now also rip old lethal tempo

Glad you like it! This was my personal project and I'm glad to bring some helpful trackers :)

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Originally posted by TuxSH

The fun part is that it'll benefit champions like Predator users, Vex and Rakan instead of your traditional run-of-the-mill mage.

EDIT: worth mentioning for those who don't realize, that 50% dmg reduction => 2x eHP increase, 75% => 4x (= 1/0.25). They've effectively doubled the item's effectiveness (during Safeguard).

IMO that’s not quite the right way to think about it. If it were permanent, yeah. But this is more akin to a shield and it blocks 50% more damage now. Still quite the buff, don’t get me wrong. But it should be thought of as a shield and not as core tank stats.

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Originally posted by TuxSH

Yeah, my bad for using the eHP term which could be confusing here.

The distinction probably doesn't make much difference on users like Vex that would have died without this item.

Yeah if they’re gonna try to kill you from full to dead, then it’s a tank stat. Just not sure how many 1/3 hp Vexes have this back up.

Originally posted by _keeBo

Still waiting on the bonus damage shown that conq gives, instead of just the amount healed from full stacks. But these are nice. Was really curious about how much spirit visage was doing

Bonus damage conq gives isn't really viable unfortunately. Since it grants AP/AD, and that is turned into all sorts of damage (auto attacks, AD/AP ratio'd spells, AP/AD ratio'd items, etc), it's very costly to run the calculations twice for every single instance of damage to figure out the "before and after".

Originally posted by V9Jack

Great job! Is there any way that in the future you could add an end-game stats page for items (like the one for runes)? I like seeing the stats while in the game but I feel like it would be a lot more usefull after the game so we can compare diffenrent items/builds easier. A lot of the time I forget to check cause I'm focussed on playing so it's harder to keep track of the stats while in game.

Maybe someday; it's harder than you'd think as the dynamic tooltips are currently only in game (and in inventories/scoreboard). So it would take much more work than just me (league client and game engineering) to make it work.

With that said, you can look at your tracker data in the replay! If you open up a replay and highlight your tooltip in the scoreboard you can see the tracker.

Originally posted by HuaRong

I feel like for Firecannon, "damage dealt with autos declared beyond normal auto range" would be better, but I'm not sure how viable that would be. Thanks for your work!

That's basically what it tracks. Sorry if the text isn't clear.

If you auto attack a target from outside your base auto range it ticks up once.

Originally posted by BrilliantRebirth

I'm not sure if it will be added with this, but Stormrazor currently doesn't have an Energized damage tracker at the moment. Also, kinda surprised there were no changes to the item this preseason.

I intentionally removed the energize tracker from RFC and Stormrazor to make room for these new trackers. Main reason was because the magic damage from those items is largely negligible, and from testing was around 2-3% of a marksman's total damage over a game. Therefore it's not worth tracking since it won't sway decision making. I don't want players to feel like SR or RFC are good sources of magic damage.

Originally posted by Cromatose

GUARDIAN'S HORN (ARAM) Now tracks damage blocked by passive

Oh shit, people gonna realize how broken this item is now.

I've been trying to tell my friends to buy it for so long they won't believe me. Now they MUST

Originally posted by Rayquaza2233

I hope one day we can see how many times we've procced Phase Rush in game instead of only being able to check in post-game.

Oh good suggestion. I can look into that for a future pass! Noted.

Originally posted by HuaRong

I was thinking more damage rather than number of times used, because except for Stormrazor, most of the others give damage/healing numbers. Knowing how much extra poke you managed might be more helpful in analysis compared to just number of instances.

Ah I see, that makes sense. I could see a use for that but I'm not convinced the value is proportional to how much extra work it'd be. I'll make a note though, thanks for the feedback!

Originally posted by BrilliantRebirth

Do you think there would be room to adjust / buff these two items since the Energized damage is negligible and getting both does cost two item slots? Either way, appreciate the response.

Maybe. The concern will always be that injecting too much magic/hybrid damage into marksmen makes them more difficult to itemize against. I agree though that the current tuning of the damage of energize items is a little limp. Might be worth future investigation.

Originally posted by SkiaElafris

Doran Shield desperately needs a tracker for it's Endure passive.

I avoided adding trackers to starter items (outside of that one ARAM example), but it's possible that can be pivoted on in the future. There's such thing as too much information sometimes and looking to be cautious of that.

Originally posted by Metaxpro

It's understandable that the healing part is way easier and cheaper to track than the damage, but it's just not the stat people want to see when using conq. The total uptime at maximum stacks in seconds and average time spent to reach max stacks from 0 should be way easier to track and has more information value.

Uptime at max stacks is a good one. I can write that down for a future pass.

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Originally posted by MonstrousYi

Many words but no Camille to be found.

Edit: 1/1 Camille !!!

Ultimate Spell Book

Ctrl + W

We explicitly decided against doing a balance patch since this is the preseason patch so there will be a massive amount of disruption caused by the system and item updates

Originally posted by IAmNotOnRedditAtWork

.RAPID FIRECANNON Now tracks how many times extra range was utilized

Out of curiosity, is this one specifically tracking how many times you attacked from out of your normal attack range? Or simply how many times you have attacked with the passive up?

First one

Originally posted by mrpeanut332

I don’t know if you also did the damage mitigation for aftershock but whoever did please give them a big thank you from the support tank community. I can know see the value of aftershock and compare it to the new glacial augment thank you :)

Yup I implemented that. Lemme know if it's satisfactory

Originally posted by Shadowofthedragon

I know you have gotten a ton of responses, but since gore drinker active was changed to heal subsequently rather than all at once it is bugged.

If you slice 3 people at once it only shows the healing gotten from the third person, the last person healed off of.

Interesting I'll take a look at that

Originally posted by ReaIEIonMusk

It's very nice, on a similar note are there any plans to add a tracker to runaans?

Runaan's is very difficult to track as the damage from it is all over the place. I'll look into viability sometime.