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In every single thread talking about XL, I see people saying that with a different jungler the team would do better. Or that Xerxe is just not on the same level as the other players.

Yet, just looking at the six games played, Xerxe is straight up the only player not falling behind within the first few minutes of the game. Hes not randomly running into enemies, or losing from level 1 onwards. He's a jungler with three losing lanes and is getting blamed for being "passive". Even tho we know from his previous teams that he can play active early. Even though against Fnatic he was rather active early as he could afford to not cover his lanes 24/7 when Fnatic messed up their dive.

Vetheo is randomly TF ulting into five people, dying alone under enemy T2, walking into Caitlyn traps, etc.

Targamas is mainly just dying over and over again after losing every lane with Patrik.

Patrik, if he gets back in the game, gets caught out from the enemy team as he's frontlining because of boredom or something.

Odoamne looks just lost, getting solokilled and generally not being able to do much after that.

The community here could realistically pile on any of those players and it would make more sense than blaming the jungler.

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Always blame the jungler, amiright?