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Hello! Wanted to shed some light on this. We did update the quests, for a few reasons:

  • We heard a lot of feedback that the previous quests were weighted too heavily toward Gauntlets/Expeditions, and we also saw lower engagement rates with those quests as well. We wanted to even the balance a bit and actually shift more toward labs, as we now offer 3 labs at a time and some of our most exciting and popular new modes are in labs.
  • We wanted to move all the quests to a two week cycle, rather than a full month, to reduce the downtime between quest cycles.
  • Overall we wanted to keep the rewards value about the same.

This update actually went out in early May, it just took a while for the old quests to cycle out.

It is true that there are no more Epic Boxes in this set of quests. In general, we want to reserve those for competition and special events, and use the commons/rares for the more regular rewards like quests. You will be getting more common and rare boxes than before to make up for that difference, and the overall total value of Prismatic rewards is roughly the same.

Some numbers for comparison:

Before, in four weeks of quests, you'd get:

  • 4 Essence Pouches
  • 3 Common Boxes
  • 1 Rare Box
  • 1 Epic Box

Now, in that same time, you'd get:

  • 4 Essence Pouches
  • 4 Common Boxes
  • 2 Rare Boxes