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Hey everybody! We hope you enjoyed the Dev Snapshot. I’m sure everybody is eager to hear more about the limited mode we mentioned, but we want to laser focus on getting feedback around Tournaments and Gauntlets, specifically about the following aspects:

  • What Formats are exciting for you?
  • What type of reward would you look forward to the most?
  • How do you feel about buy-in tournaments?

Let us know how certain features make you feel. (shameless plug to Dan Felder’s article about giving feedback)

We’re super excited to be able to talk to you directly about your thoughts, ideas and feelings.Thanks everyone for playing the game and being an active member of this community!

The LoR Team.

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Originally posted by Loocius

Some big things for me would be making Gauntlet a 24-7 availability, and have some smaller incentives for playing consistently while having a larger incentive for 'winstreaking' or repeated Prime Glories so the format is more competitively focused as a whole. Personally I like making them more akin to MTGO's league system where's its a smaller buy-in and having more match wins gives better rewards.

That being said, I like the idea of buy-in tournaments in client for exclusive skins for each one. Could even be something as small as a color palette change on an existing skin or the Prismatic Border having a different color to choose from, but having something that pops out and says "Hey, I won this particular thing that you can't get anymore" is something I would definitely work towards.

I like the idea of singleton coming back as an alternative format here and there, as well as maybe a best of 5 gauntlet format (Bring five decks, ban 2) just as a way to spice things up a bit. Also plan on being a big eternal format player, so having consistent competitive outlets for it would be super nice to ensure the longevity of it.

Thanks for hearing us all out, I have more ideas for what I would like to see for the game as a whole, might write an article or do some YT video going deeper into that later on though - I'll be sure to send it around when I get that done!

- Leovold

We are working towards Gauntlets and Tournaments being available more often with revamped rewards!

With more frequent tournament play, we'd like to use that as an opportunity to both provide alternative formats in addition to more competitive tournament gameplay experiences. Something we'd love to get feedback on: Assuming only one Format is activate at a time, how frequently do y'all want to see competitive formats (B03 Pick & Ban) compared to variety formats (eg: Tri-Region Singleton, Spells Only, Only X/Y/Z Regions are Legal).

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Originally posted by inzru

Gauntlet is one of my favourite aspects of the game because it gives me the flexibility of Bo3 pick and ban, its so much less anxiety inducing than the blind matchups of ranked ladder AND more satisfying when I win a set of matches!

feedback - I want a ranked ladder for gauntlets with a leaderboard and special rewards independent of seasonal tournaments. I am not that motivated to play gauntlets, even though I like them, since their main sense off achievement is related to seasonals. If I could get cosmetics and ranked points and gauntlet specific rewards this would be a huge attraction for me. Also since gauntlet is already in place as a system, beefing it up with ranks, medals, and rewards feels like it would be less work for Devs and less of an overhaul than trying to make ladder itself a Bo3 environment.

We totally hear you on specialized rewards!

We are looking to make LoR Tournaments more accessible and meaningful to more players (with both competitive formats and for fun ones). This potentially includes new formats, prestigious rewards, and seasonal progression - all obtained through participation.

Hopefully that will give all LoR players more ways to play and compete. Let us know if that sounds appealing, and what you'd like to see there!

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Originally posted by FlamingTacoFury

  1. I like tournaments and I really like gauntlet, however I don't often play them. They feel daunting to get into. Even after all this time, all these cards, and game knowledge. I just feel unprepared. I love ranked, but the knowledge barrier to gauntlet and tournaments dissuades me from being spontaneous. It's not about winning or losing so much as it is going to this dance and not knowing what I'm doing and my opponent is dealing with a bad dancer.

  2. I want stickers for my cards. I want to pimp out my shark chariot. Let me put googly eyes on Sion. Give me other trinkets to collect and place and I will also be happy. Avatars, skins? Nah stickers and bobbles.

  3. I'm all for buy in tournaments. So long as they have support and I can watch all the fanfare. If it's not fun to talk about the cool kid table doesn't matter.

Wait, stickers?

I've never heard of a digital cardgame doing that. Are there examples you can' point me too? That sounds interesting.

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Originally posted by FlamingTacoFury

I actually didn't think anyone else was doing this. I was drawing inspiration from school lanyards, the rear end of cars, and pokemon card alters. Apparently there's a Magic set that's doing this: https://www.dicebreaker.com/games/magic-the-gathering-unfinity/news/magic-the-gathering-unfinity-sticker-reveal I am not a magic player so that was news to me.

Oh yeah, their stickers largely have mechanical implications; ways of modifying the cards that other cards can care about. Stickers are a game resource there. I think I've not seen a purely cosmetic digital version of it before. It's interesting because one could potentially put stickers on any card, when most cosmetics can only apply to a single card.