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Where are the updates? Skins? New pass? Balancing? Did I already say skins?

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Originally posted by kaneblaise

Here's then giving us a hello


And another


The official Twitter has been plenty active


As has the twitters of specific devs



They talk to us in the subreddit frequently.



So besides constantly keeping us updated on the regular scheduled content, and the new content, and getting people's opinions on the game, and talking about stuff outside the game, yeah I guess they don't do much of anything else

Like what do you want? Lay out exactly, in detail, the level of depth and frequency you expect from them, please, because I can't imagine much more than what they're currently doing being at all realistic or reasonable.

Hello. :)

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Originally posted by Charioh

Well seems like the game is dead now. No new update ever again.

Really? Someone should have told me! Now I just feel silly.

(I know you were joking) :)