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Remember when they removed the +1 HP from Plaza? Have you seen Plaza since then?

And -1 HP stat changes can also be extremely impactful to cards.

Well Aphelios/Temple got BOTH of those nerfs.

And then Aphelios got a 50% mana increase on his weapons (and therefore his level up condition as well). Remember when Karma was nerfed by 1 mana and practically disappeared? Well that was a 20% mana nerf that you pay once. The 50% mana nerf on weapons is paid every time you use weapons. Since those are also his level conditions, it's also making him 1.5x times harder to level.

Aphelios/Temple definitely needed a nerf, but this seems tantamount to deleting him from the game. Did Riot go too far?

He'll still be stronger than Taliyah (who hilariously also got a nerf through temple), but seems like that's basically it.

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