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You start as a fresh recruit, barely good for anything but cannon fodder. Just a body to throw at a much stronger enemy. When you do land a strike, it doesn't do much more than tickle your opponent.

But then you get your first battle. Luckily, you survive. A bit wounded, maybe some chips in your armor, but alive. And stronger for the experience. The next one goes better, and you single out some weak enemies to pick off. You're starting to get pretty good with that spear they thrust into your hands.

You get equiped with some shiny new armor and weapons. Allies show up as reinforcement, and they aren't half bad either. Quickly the army dominates the battlefield. The enemy keeps throwing grunts in front of you, but it doesn't matter. Eventually they run out of bodies and it's All Quiet on the Runeterran Front.

The only way to defeat your army is with tricks and underhanded tactics. No one can match your army on the battlefield.

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Wonderful analysis :)