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Everything that was posted about the Bestow mechanic seems to indicate that when a unit dies its stats go to something in hand. I would interpret that to mean that if your hand is empty, the stats disappear since there's nothing for them to go to.

When you don't have anything in hand, though, the stats go to the top unit in the deck. Is that intentional?

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That is intentional. don't want to lose those stats!

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Originally posted by Mo0

Gotcha, makes sense! I wonder if that was played with at one point, because having the stats "fizzle" makes topdecking a little more dangerous, I'd imagine.

I would assume they didn't want to punish people for playing aggressively, as losing those stats is almost certainly an autoloss

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Originally posted by BeeSecret

Could you have them add that information to the Bestow launcher next time it rolls around? Current launcher image says "When a unit dies, its stats are granted to a random unit in hand"


I was wondering where other people got the top of the deck memo from and I found this thread.

I'll pass that along