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High roll example

So it all started with me remembering BC meta.Spoilers:When you play this deck it feels like the old bandle tree deck.You play aggro swarm if they answer it all tree comes down you win.Or in my case xolaani the bloodweaver.

In the past I tried to make this deck but paparo wasnt reworked and when playing mono BC you didnt have a good finisher.When bloodwoven package was released and I saw the Xolaani I knew yordles was gonna be bussin with that.I made the deck day 1,It got masters(Had finals couldn't publish the results lol)

So the deck I will referance is this as I found the most success with it ((CQBAEBQKB4SAKBIKE5WJCANGAHAACAYBAYFBOAIGBERQMBIKFEYXVBABU4A4QAIBAMCQUGWGAHKQC))

  1. The champion choices and why tf it has 2 Poppy's:Norra because elusive and free blockers.Poppy because duh.I didnt feel like 3 Poppy was needed as she was usually a dead draw or a discard fodder most of the cases anyway.Finding 1 in most of the games is enough.So she can break the stalemate or if we can't get on line with Yordle Explorer and Paparo,Poppy buff the board so we go into the lategame Xolaani easier.

2.Bro it is a troll deck what happens if you dont draw your engines:You just outvalue the opponent we have so much manifesting cards that we dont run out of value that easily.You'd be surprised how many games I won because I just didnt run out of cards to play(Also you can manifest the engines yourself).

3.Mulligan:Usually you'll know when you start if it is a Xolaani game or aggro game just by looking at opponent's deck.But the only must keep card is Yordle Explorer.Other cards are important for what turns you attack at.You gotta hard mulligan for Gruff Grenadier if you attack at even,or Paparo if odd.

Also dont forget to find the 1 drops against aggro

4.No interaction with opponent lul:We have 1 group shot which I'm convinced just draws itself everygame,3 pokies ,2 buster shots that usually dont get their cost reduced,1 wallop and 2 Puzzling Signpost.Like bruh we aggro and we still have 9 cards to interact them with.

5.How to win:If you think they can stabilize the board easily,Just try to play like an aggro take the bad trades bait the removal Play Xolaani and protect her with Signpost.If otherwise oh my god the tears of my enemies when I destroy them It brings me so joy as I murder them with my cute fluffy yordle army that wants to drink their blood and feast on their souls(yikes).Or just elusive damage.

Or you know just manifest the wincon yourself dumbass.

My personal advices:

-Bomber twins is a really good card against every deck.Gives good discard fodder too.

-Get a tiny spear if you didnt get any engines.Get a tiny shield if you get your engines.

-If you find 2 Thunder fist It'll turn into a Masa.Play 1st normally and summon second burst speed with yordle portal for maximum burst damage potential.

-This deck requires a lot of skill as Conchologist,Paparo and Yordle Portal choices aren't so easy to make and we have a lot of 2 drops to choose from if you dont find Yordle Explorer.

-Yordle Newbie will get +4/+0 when you play Gruff Grenadier(unless you pull a grapplr)

-Whatever you face against you always have to adapt to your hand.And manifest accordingly.It is quite challanging to choose from manifests time to time

-The absolute high roll is Gruff Grenadier into a Swole Scout with a full board getting +5/+5 being a 7/7 at turn 4

-Norra sometimes levels unexpectedly from the deck itself.Owl's that are from commando.Paparo's created yordle.Gruff's summoned yordle.Yordle Portal.

-Please Please PLEASE Share your ideas as this deck was made with my tastes.If you like a more midrange approach make 3 Commando and few Swole Scouts.Please make a feedback so I don't feelbad as I named the deck "Ah those Yordles".

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This looks like a fun change up from my current decks. I might play this tonight. :)