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What is a "Party Deck"?

Two is company, three is a crowd... six is a party! We make sure the party is bangin' by inviting six different champs.

So it's just a deck with six unique champions?

Yes, but it's also a party!

But... why?

  1. Awe your opponents from the moment they queue in to your majestically wide board
  2. Every match is different and exciting because different champs will show up to the party
  3. After you win it's like the Perseid freakin' meteor shower with all those mastery points flying everywhere. Why waste time "ching ching"ing when you can "ching ching ching ching ching ching"?

But really, why?

  1. You get better flexibility in playing around your opponent. (Want to push damage? Play Zed. Playing around Avalanche or Mystic Shot? Drop Draven instead. Opponent has attack token? Then perfect time for Riven to show.)
  2. Sometimes you just want to develop your board, but your goddamn champions keep turning into spells just because you already played one. Rude! Well, with a party deck you don't need to worry - you'll never have a champion spell, and can develop to your heart's content!

Why is it called a "party deck" anyway? Is it like a badass adventuring party, or like a killer rager where the champs are bullsh*tting, slamming back some brews, and just GOING f*ckING NUTS?

A little from column A, a little from column B.

Sounds... interesting.

You're f*cking right it does! If you want to try, here's the secret code.


In hand: 2x Flurry of Fists, 2x Axes, and Blade Surge

But... deck consistency!

In this deck I'm playing, we are perfectly consistent because all our champs play the same role. We play Draven, Zed, Irelia, Riven, LeBlanc, and Darius, and then we go for Flurry of Fists OTK.

By playing a party deck we are actually more consistent than playing a normal 2x3 lineup, since we are able to attack with 3+ champions at once: when we are going for an OTK win this spreads out the number of threats they have to answer, and when we can't OTK (e.g. they're playing Hush or frostbites) then a wider board is how we push damage.

Do you want to come to my party?

Sure! Post your "party deck" codes in the comments!

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Very fun!
I like to call 6 unique champion decks Hexakill mode (after the legacy Twisted Treeline alternate game mode), and 5 unique champion decks (no second copies, leave the 6th spot empty) Summoner's Rift mode.

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Originally posted by Pandaemonium

I'll put you on the spot because why not - do you have a favorite Hexakill deck you think we'd enjoy?

Stop Trying to Make Purrsuit Happen