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Those who play LoR on iPad, is anyone else seeing a completely black screen when booting up the app after updating to app version 2.9? I hear music still but no visuals. Already tried deleting and reinstalling. iPad Pro 2019 is my device.

EDIT: I entered a support ticket, we’ll see what happens. No hotfix at the time of this edit.

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Hey y'all! We are aware of the issue and are tracking down an errant shader compilation bug. I've been grinding through the event pass on my iPad so believe me when I say this is near and dear to me.

We'll know more Soon™ and official comms (from the right person/not a random engineer on Reddit) will follow. Thank you for your patience!

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Thanks for taking the time to respond! Glad to know it’s on your radar, Looking forward to the resolution! My iPhone 12 mini feels even smaller now that I’m playing on that.

As a fellow iPad player, do you happen to know if 60FPS support is intended to come to mobile? iPad at least? It seems like everyone who has commented on this post is playing on iPad Pro, which has pretty powerful internals and could easily handle it.

I'll chat with some folks! It does seem a shame that these beefier devices that can output 120hz get locked to 30. We tend to be very cautious here. The concern is that even players who knowingly opt in to 60+ FPS on mobile devices go on to negatively comment on the perceived performance, battery life, and thermals (no wants to grip a hot slab of metal for too long— no matter how much fun the game is)!

I think with some messaging that is like "hey your battery life is gonna suffer and your device might feel like a thermonuclear reactor if you play for 4 straight hours", this could be a possibility. Not committing to anything just yet though— so take this with a big ol' grain of salt!