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Can we get some feedback from Riot on this?

The lack of any information on the official website or US social media is extremely disheartening.

I love the game and am very hyped for Worlds but it's huge cognitive dissonance to have the perception that Riot doesn't feel the same.

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I can't say much cause this isn't my area but I know we've had a vacancy on the communications team for a while and it was only filled super recently. More people should mean more stuff.

Bear in mind the existing folks were also doing more other things, like organizing the dev blogs and getting them approved, parsing feedback and iterating on community sentiment about rotation, etc.

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Originally posted by MatiasValero

Thank you for the reply Dan! I figure any kind of official response would need vetting and iteration, but it helps to get a basic idea where the crew is at. Different teams are siloed in their own activities and all. The new community manager Matt seems like a great guy!

I know this isn't the avenue for this feedback, but I really hope that communications will be fired up in a big way leading up to the Worlds finals at least, and I hope that there is a broader official response to this lack of communication on the competitive scene over the last few weeks. Doesn't have to be much, just an acknowledgement. Having an excellent game and a tightly designed new set and rotation and all is great, but it has to be paired with community engagement to really land with the gaming audience and propel the ecosystem forward.

We all are here because we love the game and want to rally around it (for 5 mana qq)!

Thanks for posting about it, honestly. It reminded me to tweet about it from my personal account too. I'm VERY excited.

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Originally posted by Northofnowheree

Dan i cant even get my payout for a seasonal i topped 5 months ago. They told me it will be many more months. The team is a total mess. Im a professional myself, and at my company not paying out a client for 8 months would be someone is getting fired. Editing blog posts and whatever other bologna doesn't take weeks. Things really need to change.

Seriously? Please send me more info in messages so I can follow up on this.