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I've not played any PVP yet but am grinding out the labs encounters (which are really fun!). I have lost too many runs because I did not leave the app running in the foreground. Spending an hour building a ludicrous deck through several encounters only to lose because you take a 30 second phone call is devastating.

Potential solutions include: checkpointing at the beginning of encounters or allowing reconnects.

I suspect this is not a bug but simply a missing feature. If this is a bug and you are supposed to be able to reliably reconnect to a game even after several minutes of the game not being the foreground app, let me know and I'll file a bug report.

Edit: It takes around 3 minutes for my reconnect attempt to become unsuccessful. On checking my phone logs, my phone conversation was actually 2 and a half minutes. So my ask is that this grace period be extended indefinitely or for a considerable amount of time.

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This is a fair ask. True persistence will require some new work and is something we want but are not building in the immediate future.

You’re hitting the disconnect timeout, which is something that we recently updated to allow for it to be configured based on the mode.

I’ll follow up with the team to extend it to the max duration of a game (which is 90 minutes).