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Howdy folks! =)

As we gear up for Seasonals, the LoR ladder meta is everything from settled – and the World Ender is back on top, as detailed in our Twenty-Seven Best LoR Ladder Decks, for the latest Mastering Runeterra article.


Overall LoR Ladder Trends:

In what is arguably the weirdest season in Legends of Runeterra's history (launching with the Worlds tournament, and with two very consequential hotfixes in four weeks), Aatrox Kayn has returned to the top of the LoR tier lists.

And, what's most interesting: Atrox Kayn did so after being pushed to near irrelevance by said hotfixes – and yet, with shifts in the meta plus internal tweaks Aatrox Kayn is once again at the top of the food chain.

In this new meta:

  • Jinx Lulu is feeling the pressure (Aatrox remains one of its main predators) yet remains one of the best LoR decks.
  • Katarina Gwen has changed quite radically (to the point that it has dropped one of its signature cards, The Harrowing) and is back with a vengeance,
  • Plunder has risen as one of the most potent decks in Runeterra, and one that is not afraid of the World Ender,
  • Pilots still play Sun Disc, despite its poor performance. Data science has no saying in these matters; as the saying goes, there's no accounting for taste.


In today's article, we'll showcase (and if I'm doing this fancy new trick right, you can click and jump directly to any deck that catches your fancy, rather than read/scroll through the whole thing! 🤞🤞)


Sources: Legna (not in this exact article, as his site is down, but GOATs deserve the mention anyway), MaRu's Meta Tier List, MaRu Meta Stats.

Any questions, comments or feedback, or specific data you may be after (of any archetype/build – the above is by no means a comprehensive list, just a quick overview! =), please feel free to drop a comment, poke me on Twitter (@HerkoKerghans), ping me on the Mastering Runeterra Discord, and you can find more writings on substack: https://riwan.substack.com/

And good luck out there! =)

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8 days ago - /u/Dan_Felder - Direct link

Sun Disc is so shiny. I am a moth to its gleaming light.