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After reading the patch notes, I strongly suspect that the real reason behind the lack of balance changes is money. Riot looked at the numbers and determined that people who spend significant money on the game don’t like it when they see their stuff nerfed. Mogwai also hinted at this in his review of the patch notes.

Every F2P game (especially mobile games) is largely driven by whales and developers will cater to them because that is how they get paid.

When they say “we love the play pattern of Irelia / Azir, as well as Blade Dance. We’ve learned that a ton of players love it too, and we want to keep the feel of the deck intact,” they mean it. It’s a money printer.

This also leads me to believe that Aphelios was not a money printer and that’s why he was gutted and left to rot. Can we at least make him 3/3 again?

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This is 100% not true.

We do not make gameplay design decisions based on revenue.

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Can you make a post addressing your thought process in the patch? I think you owe the community that at least.

I included my thoughts in the patch notes.


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You know what? I believe you.

I'm pretty sure I overreacted and made a bad post. Edited it.

Thanks for making a fun game.