3 months ago - ShieldMaiden - Direct link

Thank you all for this information! The team will be looking into this!

3 months ago - ShieldMaiden - Direct link

I wanted to update everyone that is having reset problems. Due to the reset bug effecting multiple different parts of the game, the team is aiming for a fix to be rolled out next week. Compensation will be given to effected players. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate the help brought forward by players providing details!

3 months ago - Roxx - Direct link

We’re still waiting on this fix to come in and will need to review and test as soon as we can – we’ll let players know how that is looking tonight and what to expect for timing on that fix.

3 months ago - Roxx - Direct link

Unfortunately this fix will not be ready for release with tonight’s update. The team is going to work on validating it this week and it should be ready to go for next week’s update on 1/18. Once this is ready to go, we will also get a compensation out for players who have been affected by the issue. Apologies for the delay on the fix!

2 months ago - ShieldMaiden - Direct link

I just spoke with the team, the fix is delayed and currently ongoing at this time. We will keep you updated with any changes!

2 months ago - Roxx - Direct link

Small update, there is additional work being done ahead of the update and things are looking more plausible for a release. We’ll let players know if this goes live.

2 months ago - Roxx - Direct link

Timers are indeed fixed at the base level, but I can confirm compensation for this issue specifically has not been delivered yet! We are getting a list and data on all impacted players and will send it out as soon as we can. This will help players get back into content right away and make up for the lost time. Will provide an update as soon as possible.

2 months ago - Roxx - Direct link

Just so folks know this issue hasn’t been brushed aside – we still have not delivered compensation, and are still waiting on some outstanding data surrounding the impacting players. We expect to be able to resolve this later this week, once folks are back from Lunar New Year and we get that info.

2 months ago - Roxx - Direct link

Yep – we have our maintenance tonight and this should be resolved after it occurs, but I’ll keep an eye out here in case these problems persist, so please don’t hesitate to let us know.

2 months ago - Roxx - Direct link

Compensation won’t require a downtime to deploy, so we’d like to get it out as soon as possible regardless of the weekly updates!

2 months ago - Official_News - Direct link

Thank you for your patience as we gathered information and finalized compensation plans for those affected by the timer reset issue bug.

Players that were impacted by this issue will receive a compensation package that contains the following:

  • Guardian Raid Rest Bonus Ticket x21
  • Una’s Task +1 x21
  • Basic Life Energy Potion x60
  • Stronghold Energy (S) x150
  • 30 Day Crystalline Aura

In addition to these items, due to how this issue had different impacts on each player, we will be investigating each account individually and sending reset tickets based on individual circumstance and missed content. Because these tickets only last 7 days and we do not want players to feel pressured to use all tickets within a one week period, players who are eligible for multiple tickets will receive one weekly reset ticket each maintenance period over the coming weeks.

These items will be available to claim through your Universal Storage, which can be accessed via “Guides” button in the UI. Please note that this compensation will only be claimable by the main character on your Roster, and is only available until February 28th. If you run into any issues claiming your items, please contact Customer Support so that the team can assist you directly.

We hope this will help make up for the activities that players may have been unable to complete due to this bug.

about 2 months ago - Roxx - Direct link

Appreciate the feedback on the compensation and other things that were missed – we’ll be taking this back to the team to see if there’s anything else we are able to deliver to players to make up for this issue. I will let you know when I have an update later this week.

about 2 months ago - Official_News - Direct link

Hey everyone,

We’ve heard your frustrations about the compensation for this issue and are working to resolve them as best we can. Starting today, if your compensation was delivered to a character that was not affected by this bug, you can reach out directly to Customer Support to have this compensation and the tickets moved to your impacted character.

We hope this helps, and we’ll let you know if we have any further updates.

about 2 months ago - Roxx - Direct link

Would contact CS to address this, they should be able to help!

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