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When it comes to this upcoming scourge event, we are all in competition with each other. If none of us have our minions leveled up very high then are all struggling with the exact same scenario. The main problem that I have with this sudden minion requirement for the scourge event is that it completely undermines all of the preparation I did by investing in the Wakandans and Bionic Avengers. These crappy minions are more than likely going to be the rate limiting step when determining the maximum difficulty for the event. The real scandal is that Scopely tricked us into investing heavily into the Wakandans and Bionic Avengers for no reason whatsoever. We play video games to bring us joy and these ugly business tactics bring us absolutely no joy.

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Are the releasing new scopely developer class as minions we can level up?

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We can only hope. In the meantime, it's 835am where I am and I already am making a nice cold White Claw slushie. Mango to be exact. Cheers!🥤

Perfect time for a mango slushie commander!