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The irony of the name death scourge is not lost knowing that this might be the death of the game. You are literally killing your own game right now. Minions!!! Minions!!!!!!! In a game where we currently have to beg like English orphans for more resources to progress our accounts, you throw having to level up 5 random minions? I have heard people say "Just hoard resources until they announce which minions we need" Yeah that's great and all but for all we know you will announce that a day before the event even starts. Or maybe in about 2 months. That means we have to stop progressing until we get any info. That is not a fun way to play the game.

At this point do I even buy Dark Beast? I mean why buy him if there is a chance I will get an incredibly low Archangel? At this point, I might as well save my $100 and just unlock Dark Beast in whatever convoluted jump-through flaming hoops you plan on releasing him with. I paid a bunch of money for Bionic Avengers since I am a raid player, and it was announced they were needed for Archangel (one of my all-time favorite Xmen) so I was looking forward to pushing myself. But like Lucy with the football, you yanked it away at the last minute. I won't be making that mistake again. 100% F2P now for what little time left I have in this game. What a joke.

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Not playing at all is another option

that's what i'm doing now. &^%&%^ this &*(^(&^*(