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Remember when the CM's and Devs said that "... characters needed for Legendary Events are also relevant outside of the Legendary Event. This can mean individual buffs, or creating greater synergy bonuses among the group required."

Adding Minions to the first 2 nodes of the Death Scourge goes against this. Why would anyone want to work on Minons and why force us to? There are 3 "useful" Minions which are for the Ravager team and that is also for the War Scourge, but Hero Asguardians were MUCH better as I got a 7 yellow without any Ravagers worked up. Now they are making us build a minimum of 5 Minions for 2 nodes. This is unacceptable and should be adjusted to something that is relevant outside of the Legendary Event.




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This is a brilliant move my leadership at scopely.. hear my drunk ass out

  1. It forces "hardcore" players invested in the year long event to get training mats and materials and spend them on worthless minions they've commited won't be required in the past
  2. it forces out players that don't spend and they don't want
  3. it generates new profits without developing new content

its brilliant if your a sh*tty product manager and your measureable goals are only on revenue generation.

Like most of you I'm not going to do it and this is the end of the line for me if its not changed it's been real y'all