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For the first time in four years, I woke up and did not want to log into the game knowing that I would have to invest massive amounts of resources into five minion characters before this scourge goes live.

Five characters, that’s roughly 75million gold- if you give a rough estimate of 15mil per character lvl 75ish - including gear cost.

Not only that, but I find myself completely exhausted from the ever-changing requirements for APOC. And frankly, exhausted from having APOC dangled over my head like a f*cking carrot.

just wanted to say GOOD JOB devs on annoying, alienating your player base and just making the game NOT fun, your constant miscommunications and omissions of information is really really tiring and your players are exhausted.

Why don’t you give everyone a holiday gift and tell us exactly what we’re gonna need to unlock APOC- Stop the drip of information like it’s some sort of f*cking exciting way to play the game. It’s not, it’s horrible. It’s horrible and you’re horrible.

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It's not the devs. Management asked them for a list of the least developed toons and saw that the minions have no investment and management saw this as an opportunity for a money grab.

This right here. It’s the product managers. Not the developers who just code(poorly. Really poorly) whatever the “product” people tell them to