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Hi everyone!

The odds of a gatherable dropping its rare resources are pretty low! Additionally, when you just start gathering as a new character, it’s not even possible for those to drop.

As you level the relevant gathering skill, you’ll cross particular thresholds that first enable and then begin to increase the likelihood of finding those rare resources.

To boost your chances further, you can craft armor with gathering-specific perks on it and eat food that enhances your gathering luck for a particular skill.

Soon, I’ll be taking a look at the drop rates for these lower-tier rare resources (e.g. Fae Iron, Petrified Wood), and if I see an irregularity that could be causing them to be more rare than we expect them to be, rest assured I’ll get a fix in that will make its way to you in a future release.

Thanks for playing New World with us! See you in Aeternum!

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The stats on the items are tuned to be within the bounds of the level requirement based on their gear score and rarity, so giving them a bump is something I can’t provide an answer to here.

I’ll discuss it with the team, though!

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Hi again everyone!

I have an update!

So far, we’ve identified an issue that can cause some of the rarer versions of what we call “core” resources (wood/metal/hide/fibers/stone) like Petrified Wood to be significantly more rare than we would like. The issue doesn’t just affect Petrified Wood so we’re digging in a little more to see what we find.

These types of adjustments require some extra design and QA attention, so right now we don’t have an ETA on this specific change that I can share. However, we are working on the issue and you can expect some tuning in the future once we’ve thoroughly tested its impact.

See you in Aeternum!