13 days ago - Shadow_Fox - Direct link

I’ll let the team know to look into it again. Sometimes things slip priority.

13 days ago - Aenwyn - Direct link

Regarding Mortal Empowerment, this is by design, only kills by hits count towards activating the perk. We are going to be revising the perk’s tooltip to better specify what kills count. (I replied to a few threads on this, so I apologize this clarification didn’t get in front of you!)

In terms of the known bugs list, some issues are documented in a way that they don’t quite make that list - or make the list after I’ve posted it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not being looked at or isn’t tracked on our end.

For the lore pages, there are some issues with higher priority that are worked on first, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to these lore pages. :slight_smile: