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Sorry, there’s nothing I can do about an issue like this :frowning: I can only get server restarts that temporarily fix the expedition issues. But I do know that the lag detected issue is a priority for the team to fix.

almost 2 years ago - danazon - Direct link

Hi everyone!

The patch rolled out last week contained a fix for the issue causing characters to get into the nebulous “stuck” state. I’ve noticed players continuing to add replies describing issues involving “Lag Detected”. Many of you are reporting different issues that are not the same as the “stuck” character. Please make new threads for those issues!

When we first saw reports of this problem, we focused our investigative efforts onto a single world and found some issues with the server caching some player’s data. Once this was identified, we made some changes to how that caching of player data works which should help alleviate this issue for many players.

If you happen to see this issue again it would help us if you can provide our support team the following:
• client logs - found at %localappdata%/AGS/New World > game.log (older ones are in the LogBackups folder with dates)
• the server you are playing on
• time it happened
• if possible provide a screenshot of your location with the FPS counter in game turned on.

Stay safe, be nice, and have fun! :smiley:

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