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Greetings Adventurers,

Turkulon is back for revenge in 2022. Hunt down the feathered menace and his ‘fowl army’ to earn unique rewards. Thanks to player feedback from last year, enemies will now respawn faster and offer more loot. Get the last gobble before this event ends on 2022-12-07T07:00:00Z.

But did you know that Turkulon didn’t start out as as a threat? Learn more about his story (and more) in this article!

We’re excited to see what you and your friends are up to this fall holiday season. Post below your favourite fall story or post any Turkulon-related in-game screenshot!

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PS: If you haven’t seen it yet: https://twitter.com/playnewworld/status/1592584834106462215

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Don’t worry, we’ll be making a twitter post and releasing an article later today! It’s still early morning for us :wink:

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We’ve added the article above, but you can also check it out here:

As noted in the article, getting credit does require a certain threshold of damage. I highly suggest grouping up, as it counts the entire groups’ contribution!

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Hey there, there’s currently an issue with Turkulon spawning but the team is working hard on getting a fix and releasing it asap. Once we have additional information, we’ll post it in Official News.