16 days ago - Kay - Direct link

I’ll ask them to check the drop rate. I know that they do drop, have had confirmation of that. But will look into the data to see what’s happening.

Are you all on different worlds? If so, drop the world name in the comments. That will help us drill into the data quicker.

16 days ago - Kay - Direct link

Two worlds is good enough to dive into this. Thanks all.

11 days ago - TigerCr4ne - Direct link

In our last patch we shipped a speculative fix for a bug that was preventing armor to be looted from elite areas. Indications point to the issues being resolved and chests and mobs are dropping loot as intended. We will continue to monitor and make adjustments as needed to ensure elite areas remain one of the best sources for gear at end game.

about 8 hours ago - Kay - Direct link

No need to apologize. I confirmed that the drop rate in game right now is intended. That being said, I have provided the sentiment on this thread, and while I can’t confirm that the rate will change, I can confirm that the information you all provided is under further review.

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