11 days ago - Kay - Direct link

Super strange. If you relog does it still stop you from receiving the buff for placed trophies? And is it all trophies (let me know which trophies are placed)? Thanks.

11 days ago - Kay - Direct link

Your bonuses for placed trophies should not be impacted by decoration mode being disabled.

Because decoration mode is off (this is intentional, and part of the last downtime), it should only impact your ability to swap trophies so whatever you had on the walls before downtime is what you have until we turn decorating mode back on.

10 days ago - Kay - Direct link

That’s a bummer :confused: thanks for the report.

I am hopeful that we will be able to bring decoration back online sooner than later. Community Managers will update official news when we get to the ‘sooner’ part of that statement.