17 days ago - Delakron - Direct link

While we understand your frustration, we will not be removing the AFK Timer from fishing. As others have mentioned, this is one of our counter-measures for abuse and it is an industry standard tool. And while it does not prevent fishing bots completely, it does raise the friction/difficulty and therefore does prevent low-complexity bots or macros from compounding the situation.

16 days ago - Delakron - Direct link

Hello again! I see I was a bit too hasty in my previous reply, and responded only to the symptom and not the root cause of your frustrations. My response was therefore too generalized, and it caused more concern versus what I was trying to solve – so my apologies for that. Thanks for calling me out. Lesson learned.

To elaborate on my intent, the core of the AFK System is very unlikely to go away. As mentioned, it deters simple bots and further helps manage away-players who are taking up a concurrency position that instead can be utilized by someone else stuck in a possible queue. But there are some good points made here. So with feedback, what we can do instead is look to potentially make adjustments to the logic or timing the system uses in order to provide a smoother and less impactful experience to real/attentive players (such as during fishing, using the trading post, or other impacted areas).

So with that in mind, I’ve seen fishing called out as a significant pain point. Are there any other areas of the game folks feel are impacted too aggressively by the AFK Timer? Would love to hear further recommendations and suggestions for us to consider with the system.