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Note: The worlds in this list getting merged are Fresh Start Worlds and former Return to Aeternum Worlds.

Greetings Adventurers,

Thank you all for joining us with the introduction of Fresh Start Worlds and Return to Aeternum.

During the initial Fresh Start World rush, we prioritized the player experience by creating additional worlds to mitigate extended queues. Unfortunately, some of these worlds never reached a peak population. To address these low population Fresh Start Worlds — which includes former Return to Aeternum worlds now that the event has ended — we will be merging several of these across all regions. As a reminder, we look into a combination of average concurrency, active characters, faction population, and more to determine which worlds should be merged.

In regards to the Return to Aeternum worlds — when these worlds were initially opened to the general player base our intention was to treat them as Fresh Start Worlds. Upon further review of the experience of both the Return to Aeternum event as well as the unique experience these servers had with their respective player bases, we have made the decision to instead merge these worlds into Legacy worlds as opposed to Fresh Start Worlds. For transparency, we believe that due to the nature and focus of Return to Aeternum worlds to accomplish specific goals, they’re now more in line with the Legacy worlds and merging into Fresh Start Worlds would negatively impact those worlds and economies. We understand that this isn’t aligned with what we previously stated, but believe this will provide for a better player experience.

The following worlds will be merged on 2022-12-06T14:00:00Z in your local time zone, which will require a 2.5 hour downtime for the world that’s being merged. We will also be taking down the servers that are being merged for 60 minutes on 2022-12-03T10:00:00Z in your local time zone to apply special in-game messaging and blocks for events like wars and invasions.

Central Europe

  • Dracul will be merging into Caer Sidi (Legacy).
  • Enkidu will be merging into Artemis.
  • Ulthar will be merging into Crassus.
  • Jormungandr will be merging into Imhotep.
  • Ilium will be merging into Galahad.

US East

  • Death will be merging into Maramma (Legacy).
  • Media will be merging into Seer.
  • Myrddin will be merging into Avalon.

US West

  • Titan will be merging into Yggrasil (Legacy).
  • Ennead will be merging into Isabella
  • Medusa will be merging into Yonas.

South America

  • Overlord will be merging into Atlantis (Legacy).
  • Nedenyek will be merging into Mayari.


  • Cybele will be merging into Primordial.

If you do not see your world on this list, we currently do not have explicit plans to merge them at this time. However, as always, our team is monitoring all existing worlds to ensure healthy world populations.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Hey all, we are temporarily delaying the Return to Aeternum world merges into legacy worlds. More details will be available at a later date.

The other merges mentioned will continue as planned.

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