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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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We know that many of you follow us here exclusively for No Man's Sky, and we have been so pleased to see the reaction to Frontiers[www.nomanssky.com] and the Cartographers Expedition[www.nomanssky.com] in the last couple of weeks, but I hope you don't mind us sharing a little news about another game of ours.

We're pleased to announce that The Last Campfire will be showcased at the Steam Next Fest starting today, October 1st!

During the event, get hands-on with an exclusive free demo, where you can explore the whole first chapter of the story, explore the mysterious forest, save forlorn embers and discover secrets. We'll be hosting a number of broadcasts and developer commentary on the store page as well. If you enjoy the demo be sure to wishlist.

After you have played the demo it is not long to wait until The Last Campfire releases for real on Steam next Thursday (7th October) and there is a limited time discount if you pre-order now!

Worth noting that all progress from the demo will carry over into the full game.

This is a game about loss, hope and empathy. You play as Ember, a lost soul in a charming but dark world. On your path you find others like you, some of whom have lost their way and turned forlorn. It’s up to you as a player to choose who to help.

It is an emotional game and we are thrilled and humbled at the chord that Campfire has already struck, racking up some incredible accolades, review scores and award nominations including Best British Game at the BAFTA Game Awards 2021 and Best Indie Game at SXSW.

We all really hope you enjoy The Last Campfire on Steam when it launches next week. It’s a game we care a great deal for, and one that’s had a whole lot of love poured into by the tiny team who made it.

Give the free demo a try, wishlist or pre-order at a discount from today.

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