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I used to get 550+xp per ticket at lvl 98 agility and now it's 370?

It's 35k/hr max now with all the diaries and no hopping cheese?

The math: 60*1.1*345*1.1 + 10k from the obstacles ~= 35k/hr

So unless you really care about one or a couple of the rewards they made the content even more dead? Or am I genuinely misunderstanding something?

Edit: to elaborate on the math because apparently it's not clear: that's tickets/hr * diary multiplier 1 * xp/ticket * diary multiplier 2 + passive obstacle/pillar tagging xp from within the arena.

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14 days ago - /u/JagexArcane - Direct link

yeah the tagging xp is off by a factor of 10 currently, will look to hotfix this today.