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My account has been disabled on the new jagex launcher but i cant login to it to see why it was disabled, everytime i try and login it just says "Sorry, your account has been disabled". This was after getting an email from [no-reply@contact.jagex.com](mailto:no-reply@contact.jagex.com) saying that "runescape character transferred" "For your security we are letting you know that you runescape character xxx has been transferred to a different jagex account." Idk how to even check if my other osrs account is safe or has been banned either cause i cant even try and login to the old osrs account.

They sent a link saying talk to support but im afraid to login to it as it looks like a weird email and i dont want to make this even worse than it is.

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Hi - we've received your support ticket and will get back to you shortly. We have been contacted by somebody claiming that the character you imported is not yours, effectively raising an ownership dispute. We can't go into too much detail here, but we will reply to your support ticket.

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