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0s hey everyone hey everyone hey everyone
3s today we are going to take you through
5s three completely different skill pitches
11s hey I'm modalena and I'm here to tell
13s you about a pitch that every player who
15s loves animals has been waiting for have
18s you ever wandered around gilinore and
20s looked at a strong bear or a cunning
22s wolf and wished it could help you on
24s your adventures or perhaps you've simply
26s wanted to care for a cuddly little
27s chinchampa instead of using it as an
30s explosive projectile to destroy your
32s enemies well maybe now you can do just
35s that so settle down grab a blanket and
39s listen to our most wholesome skill pitch
41s yet
42s taming teeming is a utility skill all
45s about discovering new and existing
47s creatures around the world and taming
49s them into friendly companions
51s you earned their trust and take care of
53s them in return they'll Aid you on your
56s adventures you can utilize their unique
59s abilities to interact with the world in
61s entirely new ways and deepen your bond
63s with your Animal Companions by training
66s and leveling them up to make their
67s abilities even stronger first let's
70s address the elephant in the room this is
73s not summoning for those of you who
75s remember the skill in RuneScape the
78s similarities only go as far as having a
80s companion which can Aid you with various
82s different types of content across the
84s game while summoning's gameplay Loop
86s behave like a mix of Rune crafting and
89s Slayer and require players to collect
91s charms
92s taming will instead bring the long-term
94s bond between you and your companions to
97s the Forefront with an involved taming
99s process taming will require study and
102s knowledge of creatures and their
104s behaviors provide an in-depth Animal
106s Care and well-being system and even the
109s capability to level up your companion as
111s you help teach them new abilities each
114s and every creature will be unique from
116s the abilities it possesses to the food
118s it likes or even the type of environment
120s it wants to live and work in each
123s creature has its own Works habits and
126s desires just like real pets as a result
128s taming has a lot of potential to
130s interact with other skills learning to
133s prepare the perfect food crafting the
135s perfect toy or even constructing the
137s perfect house for them to live in once
139s you've tamed your companion the fastest
141s way to train it will be by testing its
143s metal at dedicated taming activities
145s around the world some companions may
147s find joy in running specific obstacle
149s courses
151s Others May find the sense of danger
153s thrilling and would want to navigate
154s elaborate mazes and Traverse dangerous
157s dungeons
158s just want the Cozy bonding time from
161s playing good old fetch now let's talk
164s about why you'd want to tame a companion
165s the biggest benefit to doing so is
168s gaining access to all of the things that
170s companions can do which you cannot fangs
173s Finns gills Wings these are all
175s attributes that companions can have a
178s well-trained companion can utilize some
180s of these to help you by unlocking access
182s to new areas or helping with existing
185s content as a reward from the skills
188s taming would naturally provide access to
190s a whole series of content updates that
192s only the most dedicated of Tamers can
195s handle lastly here's what will happen if
198s you vote for taming to advance to the
200s refinement stage the biggest unknown for
202s us is what kind of perks you'd like to
205s see and how strong they should be how
207s involved would you like to be in caring
209s for your companions needs how do
212s existing pets fit alongside the system
214s we want to explore how if at all you'd
217s like for these companions to work in
219s combat we'd also like to work with you
221s all to decide what kinds of content
223s should be included in the release such
226s as pet sanctuaries where you store
228s companions a creature catalog for
230s documenting information what training
233s activities you'd like your companions to
235s have player versus player creature
237s fights or even a companion only boss
240s encounter or Raid
243s possibilities really are endless do you
245s want to add some quality of life
247s features to existing content or are you
250s looking to find the goodest boy and take
252s care of him or do you simply want to try
254s your hand at taming them all
256s if so in the upcoming poll vote Yes to
259s taming
264s hey I'm mod husky
266s today I'm going to talk to you about our
269s most surprising skill pitch a skill
271s pitch that none of you have seen coming
273s and is sure to catch the community by
275s surprise this is a skill that will allow
278s you to meticulously travel parts of
280s gilinore that you are currently unable
282s to access to explore new and exciting
285s content across the game world and learn
287s to overcome one of the greatest forces
290s of nature in the world of course you all
293s know what this pitch is by now
295s let's talk about sailing join us on this
298s adventure and acquire a ship to take to
300s the Seas Master the art of sailing and
302s explore the world in a brand new way
304s setting foot on new islands and
306s traversing hazardous Waters storms and
309s sea monster attacks whether you're an
311s adventurer uncovering new places to
313s explore a fisherman catching fish only
316s available far out at sea or a pirate
318s venturing into Dangerous Waters looking
321s to sink every ship in sight to plunder
323s treasure or even a courier looking to
325s move goods from A to B for a price of
328s course sailing is something to offer for
331s everyone looking to spend their time I
333s would say so acquire a vessel set forth
336s and experienced killer from a fresh and
339s salty New Perspective
341s Jokes Aside though this has been the
343s most suggested skill pitch from the
345s community and one you have all been the
347s most vocal about wanting in some form or
349s another now to you Veterans of the
351s community you've been here before the
354s old school team pitched sailing as the
355s First new skill back in 2015 but let's
358s make it abundantly clear that this is
360s not the same skill it was back then it's
363s been revamped remastered and
365s re-envisioned thanks to input from
367s various pillars of the community and
369s also your responses in the survey let's
372s take a look and dive into how sailing
374s can work in old school RuneScape first
376s up you'll have to make your way to a
378s port and acquire a ship whether it be a
380s standard ship a viking Longboat or even
383s a Dwarven Steamboat the method of
385s acquisition is up to you whether you buy
388s one borrow one steal one or build one
392s for yourself once you have a ship you
395s can navigate the Seas and undertake a
397s variety of activities either
399s self-imposed or directed from various
401s NPCs at Port this is how we envision the
404s bulk of XB being awarded you could
407s search for an elusive sea monster seek
409s out the best places to acquire rare fish
411s undertake a series of sailing time
414s trials or simply fast in the unrivaled
417s thrill of sea Exploration with the
419s sailing skill release our goal is to
422s really make it feel like a fully fledged
424s sea expansion which functions as its own
427s biome with a whole bunch of new
429s interesting and dynamic content and not
432s just the copy pasted sea texture that it
434s currently is if this is wet your
436s appetite for the high seas next I'd like
439s to talk about what you can expect should
442s you vote for sailing to advance to the
443s refinement stage first and foremost is
446s navigation at Sea we definitely want to
449s be more ambitious than the bon voyage
451s Quest and there are a number of
453s possibilities we could go with from
455s click to move wasd keys or setting your
458s directional interface or perhaps
460s something else entirely additionally how
462s large or small should the ships be are
464s you the ship or are you on a ship and
467s what level of customization should a
469s ship have whether it's for flexing your
471s sailing achievements or improving your
473s ship's performance and of course what
476s activities would you like to do at Sea
478s we've had a load of ideas to connect
481s sailing with other skills just by asking
484s how would this work at Sea what Farm
487s what can you fish what could you slay
489s what could you hunt could Clues work at
492s Sea the sheer number of possibilities is
495s an exciting prospect whether you're an
497s explorer
498s sailor a mercenary a pirate or a simple
502s Merchant sailing has something to offer
504s for everyone so hop on board and let us
507s know in the upcoming poll if you'd like
510s to take to the Seas by voting yes to
512s sailing
516s hi I'm mod light and I'm excited to talk
520s to you
521s to you while this
523s this is a combination skill with both a
526s gathering and production element to
528s bring you something new mysterious and
531s exciting
532s get ready for shamanism
535s with Shamanism you can study the
538s mysterious power of nature and unlock
540s the ability to perform rituals by
542s gathering resources from nature and
544s tapping into the spirit realm to infuse
546s them producing powerful items like tikis
549s totems and poultices in addition to
552s enhancing your own equipment through
555s mastering Shamanism you unlock your
557s third eye and gain access to the spirit
560s realm a new area of the game to explore
563s where you can commune with spirits in
566s the Gathering part of shamanism you'll
568s collect two different kinds of resources
571s spiritual and natural natural resources
574s come in two forms some resources you can
577s forage across gilinore such as mushrooms
580s Roots bark and leaves others can be
583s harvested directly from creatures using
585s a carving knife such as taking bone
588s marrow from a giant the blood of a
591s hellhound or the spleen from a giant
594s frog spiritual resources are harvested
597s from the spirit realm you can track down
599s Disturbed sites where the connection to
602s the spirit realm is the strongest and
604s then read the rewards we know from your
607s feedback that you didn't want to see
609s another viable production skill and
611s that's exactly why we've looked to
613s incorporate Gathering directly into
615s Shamanism Our intention is to make the
618s majority of resources that you gather
621s untreatable this ensures a more
624s interesting and exciting gameplay Loop
626s than simply buying the resources from
628s the grand exchange and then standing at
631s a bank to train the skill now let's move
634s on to production once you've got that
636s the natural and spiritual resources
638s required you'll have to perform a ritual
641s to infuse the natural resources with the
643s spiritual ones to do so you'll need to
646s create and use a ritual Circle these can
649s be drawn in most outdoor areas the
652s products of shamanism could include
654s Tiki's poultices oils incenses Idols
659s relics totems a collection of quirky
663s magical utility items and even
666s enhancements to your existing equipment
669s now you may be wondering how the spirit
671s realm comes into this and what you could
674s do there for us it's this twist that
678s sets Shamanism apart from other skills
680s the spirit realm is an alternate reality
683s where Spirits live and is the source of
686s a Shaman's power Disturbed sights are
689s closely linked to the spirit realm and
692s experienced shamans can use their
694s understanding of the two to move freely
696s between them as your Shamanism level
699s increases
700s you'll be able to access deeper parts of
703s the spirit Realm and who knows what
706s you'll find inside now let's wrap things
708s up by talking about what's next for
711s Shamanism if approved for refinement we
714s want to discuss with the community how
716s Shamanism can enhance existing equipment
719s it's a huge draw of the skill but we
722s need to know what you think
724s should enhancements be permanent or
726s temporary
728s should they be visible to other players
731s what can you enhance how many
733s enhancements should there be and what
735s kinds of benefits should they provide
737s we'd also like to talk about the
739s specifics of the Gathering side of the
741s skill such as how intensive it is and
744s how many different training methods we
746s should include
747s so
748s whether you simply want to train another
750s gathering-like skill
751s whether you're excited about the
753s prospect of enhancing your own equipment
755s or you're just interested in exploring
758s the powers of Nature and the spirit
760s realm in the upcoming poll vote Yes to
764s shamanism

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