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Reformatted my computer recently. I had four accounts linked to my Jagex account. My main appears to be attached. It was the first account I linked. None of my other three accounts appear anymore. I have played at least three of them at the same time on the same Jagex account/launcher. Help please. I've sent inquiries through the website, Twitter and posted on a thread here on Reddit. Thanks.

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Hard to know what is going on here without a bit more digging - can you drop our support team a line so they can take a look for you, don't worry we will get it sorted for you!

4 months ago - /u/Mod_Stevew - Direct link

Originally posted by rikkieher

For sure Steve. I appreciate it. I didn't see this earlier but I know you guys will fix it in due time. The King is very forgiving. I would appreciate it if you gave me a custom user flair indicating that I am indeed the King of RuneScape.

Thanks your highness

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