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18 days ago - /u/JagexLight - Direct link

Hi Reddit! This week, we'll be having a General Q&A live stream on Twitch at our usual time of 17:00 BST.

This stream has no dedicated theme, so please ask your burning questions here for the J-mods! We'll try to answer as many of your questions as possible.

On our last stream, we included a small segment about the RuneScape board game, we should've given you more of a heads up on that - so apologies about that!

On another related but separate note, I'm curious to know what broad topics you'd want us to discuss on a pre-recorded type of podcast stream someday (not this week as it requires more planning). Broad topics as in, not necessarily questions but themes that you want us to discuss.

Here are some quick ideas on what I think would be interesting to talk about on a podcast:

  • PvP Arena Rewards Poll - What happened and a deeper look into the results. (P.S You can expect a dedicated blog on this very soon).
  • What does a healthy PvP system look like? How do we get there? How do you "fix" PvP?
  • Our Wilderness projects in comparison to RS3's "opt-in" PvP, and a discussion around this.
  • How do we consider different player groups when designing updates?
  • How does the feedback loop work, from a player posting the feedback on social media to it being implemented in the game?
  • A new Skill - What we'd need to make this happen and what initial ideas the team have.
  • Our new Client Plans, including progress on Android/iOS and our next big milestones
  • How do we deal with QoL? Explain the process from start to finish and why small changes can take a while to implement. Why do players feel like we want to punish new players (the train meme)!
  • Where do we see the game in 10 years' time?
  • More specific data-led discussions, similar to what we did here or here. (Shattered Relics & G.E tax in particular)

I'd love to give a space for the J-mods to discuss this and it seems that most of the team is in favour of doing these as a pre-recorded type of thing. I'd like to explore this at some point where time permits. Please let me know if this is interesting to you and what major themes you'd be curious to hear us discuss!

Please keep in mind that anything related to Account Security, RWT, Third Party Clients & Anti-cheating measures will be reserved for Leadership live streams - there is no set time for these to happen but generally, these will happen every few months.

Thank you as always for your great questions! Ask away!

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