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Originally posted by here_for_the_lols

Pumped for leagues next week but you guys are keeping your cards close to your chest on that one!!

There will be some more Leagues III stuff coming soon :)

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Originally posted by OnlyMarket8

Does "Nex's loot table has been slightly altered" also include unique drop rates or just the regular loot?

The information in the post is all we're going to be saying, sorry!

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Originally posted by DankuStar

Do the Dark Lure spell give the same grace periode as binding spells?

Yes, it does :)

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Originally posted by WimeTaste

Droprates adjusted ? A little vague to say is it not? Does that mean uniques are more / less common? Normal loot changed up? Pet more rare/common? What do you mean exactly with this?

It's intentionally vague and will remain that way, sorry!

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Originally posted by XInateIX

/u/JagexSarnie /u/JagexAyiza will deleting an account on my Apple ID free up that Apple ID so I can link a different account to it?

Hey there! This should be fine to do although we'd recommend unlinking your Apple ID through the RuneScape website first and then deleting the account.

As long as this isn't your game center account, it should be alright to do.

You could also try linking elsewhere before deleting the account if you are worried about losing the account.

Hope this helps!

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Originally posted by Qqslag

Is there anything that can be said about Poll 75 changes that are yet to be added and the upcoming Poll 76?

Hey there! I'm aware of two reported issues

- Nylos in the Maiden room don't give MVP points, apparently, when they should.

- Blood Spawn Mechanics should only spawn a maximum of one Blood Spawn, if the player successfully dodged the first blood attack. However some players have reported this as unchanged.

I checked with our QA team and they told me that both these updates should have gone out already and they would have been tested as well.

I'm not sure if it's a miscommunication in the actual job, a miscommunication in the blog post, or an error that players think the job hasn't been done when it actually has?

If you can provide repro steps on the issue that will help me a lot, I want to make sure all Poll 75 stuff is out, but from what I can see on my end it should be.

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Originally posted by Sleipnirs

Any news about those few changes which were proposed a week (or even two?) or so ago concerning UIM's death mechanics?

Keep up the good work, Jmods! :)

Update on UIM Blog stuff coming up!

On Friday, I discussed some of the player feedback with Mod Nin. We intend to update the UIM Blog with a brief response to the feedback. However, this will only be possible when our schedule is a bit less busy. Leagues is next week so we need to focus on that.

The changes discussed in the UIM blog are engine changes, so we have been discussing which engine update it could potentially fit into. Engine updates are much less frequent than our regular game updates and we ideally don't want to poll something soon, only for players to have to wait a longer time for it to actually be shipped.

To clarify, I don't think the wait would be all that long in the grand scheme of things but we just want to make sure that the poll we slot it into will make sense

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Originally posted by Qqslag

Hi, thanks for replying on a Saturday evening, committed indeed!

So I was wondering in particular about the unresponsiveness of the Chambers of Xeric private chest and looking back at the blog for Poll 75 I can see that it wasn't an actual question, but the blog did say this that this issue would be fixed. See here.

The problem with the chest is that some times it doesn't register your clicks and the responsiveness of the chest is very slow, so you can't withdraw items particularly fast. It's easy to reproduce, you just go into a raid and deposit your items and then click them quickly and see how slowly they withdraw.

Since it wasn't an actual question on the poll, that may be why it hasn't been logged down as one of the reported issues you detailed in your reply above?

Anyway, thanks for the replying again, hopefully that is helpful

Ah yes, I remember that one. It turned out to be a more complicated and a trickier issue than we originally thought.

We had two teams essentially that looked into this problem - content developers, and then our engine team.

We investigated it first with our content dev team to see what was going on. We assumed it would be an easy job to fix a bug in the code. In fact, there wasn't a bug in the code at all which told us the issue was a bit deeper (engine side).

The issue is exactly as you described. We've managed to reproduce it, and we've also noted the issue is present in banks as well. But there isn't really an easy fix engine side as far as we can tell - it's still under investigation so we have it logged in our backlog, but unlikely to be fixed soon unless they make a breakthrough on it. Engine team also has different priorities so it's a bit more difficult to bump this up in urgency compared to other things they need to focus on.