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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s hello everyone i'm zoe pancakes
2s delivering you the newest weekly update
4s on old school runescape
6s last week was jam-packed with changes to
8s group iron man new rewards for the tombs
9s of a masket equipment rebalancing rune
12s light support for the jagex launcher and
13s an update on giant's foundry
15s this week i'll be sharing a ton of small
17s improvements and nice quality of life
18s updates from poll 76 so let's dive in
22s for all of you horrible dog killers out
23s there hellhounds will now drop in sold
25s hellhound heads
27s these items fit in the expert tier of
28s reanimation and will give 1200 prayer xp
31s killing the reanimated hellhounds will
33s also count towards your slayer tasks and
34s works with a soul bearer unsold
36s hellhound heads have been added to the
38s cerberus drop table as well
39s tent roofs at the shazian infirmary will
41s now be hidden automatically whenever the
43s player enters the area and some of the
45s environmental objects around have been
46s removed to smooth out your pathing
48s between tents
49s a great change has been made in the
50s fight caves npcs are now visible from a
53s further distance hopefully this will
54s help some of you peers on your upcoming
56s 67th chat attempt you can now press the
58s space key on the interfaces for smithing
60s and gold and silver jewelry to craft the
62s highlighted item after this update the
64s item highlighted will be the last item
66s you crafted as long as you have the
67s right materials to make it this time
68s around if you don't the highlight will
70s not appear
71s oh look a fairy ring has sprouted to the
74s north of the isle of souls we'll let you
75s smart cookies figure out the code
77s yourselves
78s and speaking of the isle of souls soul
80s wars can now be played on every world
81s soul wars xp rewards have been updated
83s to now match what was initially pulled
85s per token attack defense strength and
87s hit points went from 24 to 30 xp ranged
90s and magic went from 22 to 27 xp and
92s prayer has gone from 12 to 14 xp
96s a buy x functionality has also been
98s added to the other tab for players to
99s purchase items within the soul wars
101s reward shop trover parchments can now be
103s used on the league's three version of
104s void knight equipment dragon defenders
106s tea and rune defender's tee so you can
108s be told to sit in style wait what if the
110s player is killed by another player with
112s a locked version of the item the pkr
113s gets the value of the trover parchment
115s and the ornament kit while the regular
117s version of the item is returned to the
118s player this occurs at all wilderness
120s levels
122s if the player is killed by another
123s player with a non-locked version of the
125s item the pkr gets gold equivalent to the
127s value of the item minus the value of the
129s ornament kit and the ornament kit below
132s level 20 wilderness the player will
133s receive a broken version of the item
136s at wilderness levels above 20 the player
138s will receive nothing
140s prayer books with a league's 3 ornament
141s kit will now appear as such when you
143s preach with them the bigger and badder
145s slayer reward unlock no longer shows as
147s a pie on the reward interface rest in
149s peace spooky pie you will be missed you
151s can no longer alk whilst inside a game
153s of guardians of the rift
155s charged pharaoh scepters now appear
156s brighter diango no longer has a violent
158s on chronicle cards and temporos fishing
160s spots had their click area visually
162s adjusted the team has also released some
164s fixes across their multiple newest
166s clients the following changes have been
168s fixed on steam android and ios
171s entity highlights will now work
172s correctly in the tears of guthix
173s minigame
175s fairy rings and player grown mahogany
176s trees will now be highlighted by entity
178s highlights
180s when clearing a private chat history the
182s clear chat no longer returns when
183s logging back in
185s the hp regen indicator correctly updates
187s when running out of prior points with
188s rapid heal on and unused interfaces
190s whilst on target worlds are no longer
192s visible
194s there's a few fixes that are just for
196s android and
197s ios the multi-way combat icon no longer
200s overlaps with the collapsed minimap and
202s the player can no longer interact with a
203s mini-map through the xp tracker
206s long tap delay settings will update
207s visually after setting the new value
210s and the following changes apply only to
212s the steam client rejoice steam locked
214s content creators the orb of oculus now
216s displays correctly the darkness has been
218s lifted
218s items no longer drag or drift in the
220s inventory when pre-selecting an item and
222s moving it
223s and teleporting with items in the drag
225s state now works as intended
227s agility highlights will now remain when
229s returning from a random event
231s we also wanted to spotlight some awesome
233s members of the community the legend
235s himself exact did a charity stream for
237s pencils of promise an organization that
239s empowers children and communities
240s worldwide through improving access and
242s quality of education he's already raised
244s over fifteen thousand dollars if you'd
246s like to make a donation you can click
247s the link in the description three
250s two
251s one
256s we also saw this amazing zorro lego
258s arena from the hopeless on reddit
261s [Music]
263s shout out to everybody who continues to
265s make phenomenal game art
266s lastly the team has been working on
268s moving towards a newer shinier and
270s better c plus client for some time now
273s that client's already out on steam and
274s in various mobile betas for ios and
276s android some of these features have been
278s brought to mobile through various betas
280s [Music]
283s but this week the team is putting out a
285s blog that focuses on the user interface
287s on mobile
288s recent surveys gave the team information
290s on the features people want and most
292s people felt that the updated ui was easy
294s to use but the team wants it to be the
295s best possible so that mobile users can
297s engage in more content the goal is to
299s add features players have been asking
301s for without cluttering the screen
304s here's what's proposed on the new mobile
305s ui
306s side panels have been moved so that the
308s right hand side has two columns by
310s default only the primary column is shown
312s with tabs that are integral to
313s moment-to-moment gameplay and panels
315s that are more informational can be shown
317s or hidden with the new expand button
319s this lets the team add new features more
321s easily and is also a huge quality of
323s life change for spells like high alchemy
325s and superheat while on mobile
327s chat buttons have been moved to the left
328s hand side in a scrollable list so you
330s can see more of your chat vertically at
331s once there's a pop out panel that
333s expands from the bottom left which
335s toggles between minimized full and small
337s but will provide players an easy way to
339s track xp rates or in the future loot
341s tracking without obstructing a lot of
343s screen space
344s the function button has been replaced
346s with an expandable control scroll
348s toggles from the top down are enable
351s walk here taps enable interaction taps
354s enable tile highlight taps and enable
356s tap to drop
357s the control scroll could also
358s accommodate more features like a
360s metronome toggle or toggles to show and
362s hide ground items
363s the new client will also feature better
365s usability functions including taller
367s buttons and a minimizable minimap
369s and that wraps up all the updates from
371s this week while nothing too crazy
373s happened we definitely saw plenty of
374s improvements for all types of players
376s again i'm zoe pancakes if you'd like to
378s watch me live you can do so by clicking
379s on the link in the description
380s next week's update will be brought to
382s you again by soup on the old school
384s runescape channel since we know how much
386s everybody loves him so don't miss it
389s have a wonderful day and i'll see you
390s next time