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I've come to accept that I just live in a timezone that gets shafted by maintenance twice a week, but it really adds insult to injury when the time and duration is erratic and I have no idea when it's coming unless I'm F5ing the status page on the website or have a Twitter account.

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Hi all, I know this has been a longstanding request now that many of you are using the launcher and we've been doing more regular maintenance.

Whilst we do have the status page and socials, you rightly point out each time that they have their flaws and they're not the ideal solution.

I can't give you a date just yet, but I am happy to confirm that the team working behind the scenes on the Jagex launcher have confirmed they're working on getting this information made visible from the launcher itself.

Until then, please do keep checking the status page as we update that as soon as we're able to!