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The IRL conference aims to acknowledge and applaud members of the gaming industry who have risen to combat a multitude of challenges. One of the winners was a Jagex employee, Kelvin Plomer, who was awarded a trophy for his contributions towards mental health support.

"Winner: Kelvin Plomer for Lockdown Mental Health Support Initiatives at Jagex. In an exceptional year, Kelvin led initiatives that facilitated the donation of more than £445,000 to Jagex’s charity partners at a time when it was needed most – it was the largest donation they have been able to make in 20 years of operation."

It's nice to see some positive news about Jagex, and a huge congratulations to Kelvin for his efforts.

I can't share the link here but if you're interested you can read about the other winners at MCVUK.

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about 1 month ago - /u/Mod_Kelvin - Direct link

Well...lovely to see some proper encouraging comments on here (and a few other interesting ones!). Thanks for posting. This was the result of a multi-team effort across RS3 & OSRS Content, Marketing, Community Management, Player Support, The CEO and other Execs, and I couldn't do it without the fab support of my colleagues.

Stuck in the 80's, I'm not (though perhaps my dad jokes are!), oh, and it's Kelvin, not Kevin (and I've had that all my life lol).

As a community, you keep us honest, and after nearly 17 years at Jagex, I couldn't imaging working anywhere else - your collective zeal and passion for OSRS (and RS3) is what keeps us going all these years, and I'm happy to do what I can to help keep this great game going!

...waits for inevitable baiting... :p