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I’m new to using the Jagex launcher to play osrs and tried a slew of troubleshooting fixes with no luck.

The Jagex launcher gets stuck on the security verification step, then closes. I’ve tried restarting my pc, router/modem, uninstalling/reinstalling the launcher/runelite, clearing cache/temp files but I still get the same issue.

I wonder if it’s caused by the fact the launcher has a closed beta right now?

Either way I have a workaround using an android emulator and playing the mobile version on pc - I just liked using Runelite or the official client.

All suggestions welcome, thank you!

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about 1 year ago - /u/JagexRascasse - Direct link

We believe this issue should now be resolved, thank you for your patience everyone. And please let us know if you continue to have issues with the launcher closing on startup.