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It already exists thematically in game. The entire nature spirit quest is centred on shamanism themes and would be a logical area to include.

We had a lot of back and forth over the name leading up to today, and I mean a LOT.

Ultimately we felt like Shamanism fit the thematic of what was on offer, and changing the name would fundamentally change that thematic, essentially leading us to re-designing the pitch to fit.

That being said, we're absolutely open to alternate name suggestions!

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Taming will revitalize exploring and interacting with the creatures of the world without just killing them! Let me tame an herbiboar to sit by my herb patches and give passive boosts! Let me befriend the eagles from Eagles Peak so they'll roost in my POH and I can ride them from there! I want to have my own camel to ride to new locations in the desert, a friendly hellhound to help with hunting chinchompas, a mammoth to act as a skilling beast of burden that can carry chopped logs or mined ore. TAMING!

I see a lot of people assuming that with taming we'd be able to tame a black dragon to and have it follow us around at the GE. I can't imagine Jagex would allow that to happen if it made it to the refinement skill. They specifically mentioned they wanted feedback on how existing pets should interact with the new skill.

Absolutely on the last part there RE: Taming. We definitely need to nail down how companions would work in the wider world of Gielinor and making sure areas don't seem overcrowded.

We've already seen some suggestions where companions that have a benefit to a certain activity are only active in those areas. There's a bunch more for us to explore which is exactly what we'd do during Refinement and beyond :)

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Okay, so i should preface this by saying i like the pitches mostly TBH.

Im wondering though, if this is because youve been so incredibly incredible safe with this.

Like, none of these pitches tells me WHY i want these skills or what benefits they will give us and sure, thats part of voting now for you to expand later but it depends on what comes later for me to care.

Everything seems to be telling me what you DONT want to do but nothing tells me what you actually want to do which is more important?

You're telling us so much about what this is NOT going to be but you haven't really put any thoughts at all into what the skills ARE going to be it seems.

For example. Taming is NOT summoning. Why? Because it doesn't use charms? The rest of the pitch feels exactly like Summoning though. So whats it actually going to be?

Sailing, its NOT a meme skill but what actually is the use going to be doing? Theres no real propositions for where Jagex sees ANY of these skills in the wider game.

These are completely valid points and were a worry of ours approaching adding a new skill in this way. We're essentially selling you the dream without knowing what exactly will happen in the dream.

But it's intentional. We want to work with the community to decide what the 'what' actually is, and that's what we'll do in Refinement should a skill make it through to that stage.

We've learnt a lot when it comes to spending lots of time on things that the community just really didn't want, so at least this way we're able to make sure we're heading along the right path and our time is being spent on things players are happy with.

Once we have locked a skill pitch in for Refinement a lot more of the detail you'd come to expect will come to light before it eventually gets polled to be locked in as something that will get added to the game.