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0s the total value of items in game as of
3s today is 164 trillion 57 billion 98 mil
15s 467,000 since the beginning of old
18s school RuneScape as we know it and like
20s an overseason roast dinner that's a lot
22s of time today we'll be tuning back to
24s clock and looking back at the biggest
26s updates and achievements in those 11
28s years after almost 450 ,000 players
31s voted to bring back RuneScape in its
33s 2007 vanilla form old school RuneScape
35s was born on the 22nd of Feb 2013 fish
38s were fished logs were burnt queens were
41s dethroned and those gnomes that hang
42s around right next to the gnome strong
44s called Bank were accidentally killed oh
46s sorry but that was only the foundation
48s and the update started to come like me
50s with a stamina pot thick and
52s fast we got to watch Bona obtain
55s arguably the most clutch fire Cape of
57s all time managing to complete it whilst
59s flicking his War remaining PR point that
61s was literally nuts back in the day
63s October 2013 saw the first real big pvm
66s update with the introduction of the god
67s Wars dungeon this came out with a whole
69s range of new best in slot gear godswords
72s the armadil crossbow band's boots boots
75s of all the armor and you mentioned the
76s boots Dave yeah the boots well what the
79s the chest plate or literally the nicest
80s legs in the game the tassets it really
82s what what about the boots there are so
84s many better drops you can get than the
85s boot all right the steam battle stuff
87s then oh my God are
89s you
93s in 2014 a ton of new bosses were added
95s to the game bringing even more exciting
97s loot for you guys to obtain I guess you
99s could say as the Millennials would put
100s it the old school team eight which is
103s conveniently the number of tentacles on
105s the new Slayer monster the Kraken the
107s offer plays the ability to obtain the
109s Trident of the Seas and enter the bone
111s whip no enter the Kraken whip attach the
114s Kraken tentacle to your traditional Whip
116s and you're left with a beast of a weapon
118s and speaking of Beast the corporate
120s Beast was also released bringing all
122s variants of the spirit Shield to the
124s table which would leave most players
126s drinking Spirits at the table as a long
128s kill times coupled with the difficulty
130s made the shields rare rare rare what's
132s that over there there there oh I don't
134s know jenton is that arguably one of the
136s biggest updates to come to old school
137s RuneScape I think it is in October 2014
140s IMA mode was released allowing players
142s to play the game on their own
144s self-sufficiently the game mode was
145s popularized by B's notorious onean Army
148s series prior to becoming an official
150s game mode which to this date stands a
151s test of time as one of the best old scre
153s Escape series ever made did you ever a
155s fancy play in an IM man yeah but the gr
157s for some of the items really put me off
159s like a rune crossbow all you've got to
160s do is get 69 flexing but obviously you
162s need to get uog so you may as well get
163s the W quitting level or or maybe do some
164s wintert but then actually you might need
166s the supplies to get 69 flection so you
167s might as well W cut anyway or or just
169s wait until you get your kingdom done or
170s or kill the
174s crazy 2015 was another year of huge
177s updates the release of the grand
179s exchange allowed players to purchase
180s items without needing to trade other
182s players directly and it's more discreet
184s discreet why does it need to be discreet
187s so people don't know what you buying are
189s you all right why does it
191s matter oh you must be talking about
193s bonds which were another addition in
195s 2015 Players could purchase bonds with
197s real money which could in turn be used
199s for membership or sold on theground
201s Exchange it also allowed players to
203s purchase these bonds with their own GP
205s saving them precious real life money
207s which is 100% what I would use it for
209s yep definitely wouldn't be buying bonds
211s to sell on G for currency wouldn't catch
214s me doing that no sir who could do such a
217s thing speaking of GP in 2023 a total of
219s 18 trillion 525 billion 16,
225s 49351 GP was removed from the game Via
228s Real World Trade band do you like mate
231s another big update in 2015 was what the
233s M calls me when I stay up for an extra P
235s at the pub ah dead
239s man old school release dead man mode the
242s first PVP base Survival game mode with
244s boosted XP rates players exchange more
246s blows than an Iron Man training their
247s crafting oh more blows than her not even
249s going to let you finish on top of that
251s we had the introduction of Zora which
253s brought with it the toxic blowpipe try
255s of the swamp and the serpentine Helm um
258s Dave um Jen do you remember when you
260s reported me that time and I got muted no
262s I'd never muted
264s Jen the fastest current Zora kill is
266s held by MK2 with a time of 25 . 2
270s seconds je the drunk Defender was also
274s released in 2015 Defender I hardly even
277s know her I swear there was one more
279s thing that happened in
280s 2015 oh yeah 73 I'll risk it for
284s you I quit
287s RuneScape in 2016 the dragon war hammer
290s made its debut as a drop from lizard men
291s Sharman Hammer I hardly even know it sh
294s up Dave at a 1 in 5,000 drop rate this
296s will prove a long grind for the ironmen
299s and also their new ran Brothers the
301s hardcore Iron Man wow great segue David
304s 2016 brought the hardcore Iron Man game
306s mode which has the same restrictions as
308s normal but with players having just the
309s one life which brought some pretty
311s eventful deaths over the
313s years
319s no out of the total number of Hardcore
321s ironmen created 38% of them are
324s currently active 16% have been
326s downgraded and 46% of them have met them
330s maker unlucky Lads the old school team
332s also played a very funny April full joke
335s teasing the players of a return to
340s EOC don't ever do that again monkey
342s banders 2 a brand new Grandmaster Quest
344s was released bringing into the game
346s zenite jewelry and the infamous ballista
348s yeah and we ended up with Steve Can't
350s Stand Steve naeve was too naive what
352s kind of name Steve Steven oh my name's
357s stepen 2017 was a huge year for pvm
360s starting out with a release of old
362s school run Skip's first raid the chams
363s of zerich Cox was the thing on
365s everyone's lips as the rewards were
367s seriously tasty we saw the introduction
369s of the Twisted bow ancestral the Codi
372s wand the dragon Harpoon what is your
374s problem watching people troll through
375s the raid and figuring out the mechanics
377s were seriously entertaining to watch
379s almost as entertaining as watching the
381s release of The Inferno old school's
383s biggest pvm challenge we got to see the
385s pvm Titans battle it out live in the
387s race of the first completion for the
389s illustrious fernal Cape watching
391s Everybody compete against each other all
392s at different stages have me switching
394s tabs faster than when I got caught
396s locking it WS managed to claim the title
398s as world's first and even got his own
400s personal infernal Cape awarded to him at
402s r
403s fest January 2018 saw the release of
406s dragon slayer 2 the second installment
408s of one of runescape's most notorious
410s quests but this time we weren't killing
411s elog so we could wear R plate bodies we
414s were killing VF so we could swim in them
416s VF was quickly dubbed a money Dragon for
418s its unbelievable loot table and brought
420s into the game items like the AVS
421s assembler and the dragon fire Ward
423s assembler I hardly know
425s her if you were lucky enough to get
428s these rare drops they were then logged
429s in your own personal collection log
431s which made an appearance in late 2018
434s this allowed players to truck their
435s drops and added a new completionist
436s element to old school RuneScape
438s expanding on from the success of the
439s chambers of xer old school brought out
441s their second raid the theater of blood
443s with great bravery came great rewards
445s such as a scythe rapia a veret Defender
448s and a justia armor set anything else for
450s 2018 I've got written down that some guy
453s called settled started a more T locked
456s ultimate
457s IAD good Lu with that one
460s pal in 2019 we were treated to another
463s grandmas Quest song of the elves which
465s required more 7s than a retirement home
468s on completion players could access prer
470s Dennis and also access two new pvm
472s Activities The Gauntlet and Zano both of
475s them that's right Jen the both for
477s alongside Crystal armor within new
478s rewards accessible from The Gauntlet do
480s you know why it's called the bofer no
482s because it costs both of your kidneys
484s also the bofer was released in 2021 Dave
487s idiot carry on in September the fck
490s Exiles Quest was launched where we
491s helped brunt the chief hunts some beast
494s on completion players were granted
495s access to kill basilis Knights A fitting
498s name as you'll have to spend 40 nights
500s killing the things for a chance of
502s getting a basilis jaw these are used to
504s make the net is not face guard providing
505s double the strength bonus which doesn't
507s quite make up for the mental strength
509s you lose out on during the grind towards
511s the end of 2019 we were introduced to
513s old school's brand new temporary game
514s mode the Twisted League plays were
516s locked to coren and rised to complete
518s tasks in order to unlock relics and
520s rewards in total there were 194,000 four
524s accounts that played the Twisted League
526s the league was a huge hit and a change
527s of pace from a main game that resonated
529s very well with the players it also
531s allowed content creators to flourish
532s with their Elite game knowledge to fight
534s their way to the top of the high scores
536s nothing screams leagues like an I am
538s rank one video from solo mission I told
540s you Jen he's like Man City inevitable we
542s also saw the emergence of Jimmy's by
544s relase series completing quests in order
546s of release delving into the humor and
548s the timelessness of old school's vast
550s collection of
552s quests after the success of Leakes one
554s we were blessed with a brand new league
556s in 2020 the Trailblazer League this time
558s players were locked to that place Miss f
561s it Dave but with the completion of task
563s could unlock three new different areas
565s this allowed players to craft their own
567s Journey around gillor and we saw 3
570s 9,961 accounts play The League oh look
573s Jen I might pick maritan as my next area
576s and so missions completed the game mode
578s never mind 2020 was a massive year for
580s Content creation as we saw the very
582s first iteration of the gillo games
584s hosted by soup who won that Jen the
586s series highlighted the type Bond we have
588s in the community and set the standard
590s for RuneScape video Creation with its
591s storytelling and editing hey Jen who who
595s won that yeah we get it you won no one
597s cares the old screwcap Battle Royale was
599s launch for its second iteration hosted
601s by ecape this brought together 16
603s content creators in a battle royale
605s format the size and uniqueness of the
607s event was one of the first of its kind
609s and laid the foundations for future
611s Community run events and how could we
613s forget the journey to level three fire
615s cap with xax and reny the two basically
617s played limbo together dropping the
619s completion from combat level 18 all the
622s way down to level three pushing the game
624s to its absolute limit I've not seen
626s somebody use that many sweets since I
627s went shopping in DFS
630s 2021 brought a full launch of the highly
632s anticipated Clan system allowing players
634s to create their own Clans with vast
636s customization to permissions ranks and
639s much more shooting stars also returned
641s from the original RuneScape in 2008
643s giving players an alternative way to AF
646s sorry I mean train their mining by far
648s the biggest release of 2021 was the
650s group Iron Man game mode allowing up to
653s five members to team up together and
654s share resources whilst working the way
656s up the ranks with that we saw some
658s insane achievements like EX exact and
660s his team's hardcore group Iron Man
661s Inferno rush in just a few days exact
664s was geared and raring to go at 60 combat
666s and some man to pull it off settled
668s swamp letic series came to an end with
670s an outstanding finale Conquering the
672s theater of blood whilst being restricted
674s to only Mor he's made us look a right
676s for he's made us look a right
678s donut 2022 brought next to oldcape
681s offering some of the strongest items
683s we've ever seen brought into the game we
685s saw TOA armor the Zar crossbow and the
688s ancient godsword in the of ariiana
690s Grande thank you
693s next January also saw the debut of old
695s school's third League the shattered
697s relics the Prem remain the same with the
699s aim being to complete task to secure
701s League points and also gain sages Renown
703s not only did we get a third League we
705s also got a third raid the tombs of a
707s masket players were sent to an ancient
709s tomb to take down the darara allowing
711s players to customize their raid
712s experience and difficulty with
714s invocations rewards included the best
716s staff in the game tumac and Shadow the
718s Missouri range set and the Fang rumor
721s has it the 500k death fee for failed
723s attempts provided a drastic money sync
724s for the RuneScape economy and that's
726s only count in jens's death cheeky the
728s first expert raid was completed a day
730s after release by Oblivion member Lord J
733s Rays fair
734s play and that brings us to last year
737s 2023 where there were so many big
740s updates it's hard to count well I'll
741s start us off with the return of bounty
743s hunter the mini game was revamped and
745s redesigned to bring a new PVP experience
748s to players we were brought sequel to the
750s Timeless classic Quest desert treasure
752s this introduced four new bosses to the
754s game offering some nice upgrades to the
755s original DK rings as well as verus robes
758s awakened versions of these bosses could
760s also be tackled at significant expense
762s which were much harder versions if you
764s could stand the heat you'd be rewarded
766s with an ancient blood ornament kit
767s allowing for a cosmetic change to the
769s TOA armor set nicknamed blover Shad was
773s the first hardcore Iron Man to kill all
774s four awaken bosses which is a crazy
776s achievement we were treated to not one
778s but two two game modes last year with
780s those being dead man apocalypse and
782s leagues 4 Trailblazer reloaded this was
784s the most popular League yet with
787s 43043 accounts playing the league was
790s there a relic to stop solo Mission
792s playing for a day so I could get a rank
793s one title for a change unfortunately not
795s honestly I'm half expecting to check the
797s Premier League table one day and his
798s name's at the top I like to see him
800s Theory craft us way out of a Jurgen Klo
801s full
803s press he's actually really good at the
805s game he's actually really good at the
806s game 2023 that'ss with the to so the
810s total amount of platinum tokens in game
812s is that can someone just work that out
815s for me honestly wait am I looking at my
817s bank account here on average per day in
819s 2023 almost 56 billion GP was removed
823s through the GE tax we've also seen the
826s removal of 396 Twisted bows through the
829s G tax in 2023 the best Wilderness KD
832s ratio was
834s 1,45 to 1 which is the same odds as me
837s being able to do The Inferno the most
839s wilderness kills in 2023 by one single
842s person was
844s 20,44 and it's your typical player
846s profile from an average active
848s pay-to-play player and that's a wrap for
850s what's been going on in the past 11
852s years I'm sure there will be much more
854s to come in this year's winter Summit we
856s were teased with a whole host of updates
858s potentially coming in 2024 including new
860s quests like while gotic sleeps and
862s defender of Barac we've also been teased
864s with a new Dead Man mode with bigger
866s breaches and sigil improvements as well
868s as V more for you kend and keos
870s enthusiasts bringing a new pvm challenge
873s and Hunter Guild a spring winess update
875s is also coming with a view of
877s rejuvenating the chaos Altar and
878s providing content for all PVP builds
880s we've also just seen the release of
882s scorus the entrylevel rap boss designed
884s to introduce higher level mechanics to
886s mid-level players a r boss I bet you P
889s got on like a house on fire he's all
891s right can't cook like the one from the
892s films though and that's all from myself
894s and Jen but looks like we've got a lot
895s to look forward to in 2024 I still think
898s you look like that scor what you want
899s about it's uncanny that's all like a my
902s arm I'll say it until I'm blue in the
904s face my is literally purple it's blue
906s Jen it's literally purple though is it J
907s we're not getting into this again I will
909s shout this from the rooftops it's purple
912s blue are you blind it's blue get it in
915s paint get it in paint now get the RGB
917s index on it's purple it's blue it is
921s purple it is purple blue it's
928s j