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4s run Fest is back it's a real life
6s celebration of all things RuneScape with
9s loads of new and exciting announcements
12s Rune Fest will be held at the NEC in
14s Birmingham UK the 7th and 8th of
16s September and this year we're partnering
18s with insomnia to help bring back room
20s Fest for the first time in 5 years this
24s year room Fest is split into 2 days is
26s going to be its own separate event from
28s within insomia games Fest
31s Saturday is all about the main stage you
33s can be the first to learn about the
34s future of your favorite RuneScape games
37s the Sunday we focus on the community so
40s panel discussions and lots of fun and
42s exciting stuff to do it is just an
44s incredible atmosphere and you're
46s surrounded by people that play RuneScape
48s and love RuneScape as well you can meet
49s your friends get hands on and play test
52s some of the latest content and meet all
55s of your favorite mods and content
56s creators go to different booths do
58s different activities i' reinfest this
60s year you're going to have a chance to
61s earn skill chips you can earn sets of
64s skill chip by doing various activities
65s across the event you can also get your
67s hands on some unique room Fest
69s merchandise and head along to the
70s exclusive Afterparty the golden gnome
73s Awards and the cosplay competitions are
75s both coming back the golden gnomes are
77s epic it's our opportunity and the
79s community's opportunity to celebrate our
82s content creators across a variety of
85s genres the cosplay competition is a
88s whole host of incredibly talented
90s community members who have put their
92s Blood Sweat and Tears into the most
94s lavish costumes from in game that you've
97s ever seen if you can't make it to the
100s event you'll still be experiencing some
102s of the magic of Rune Fest from home so
104s you can expect day one to be fully
106s streamed so you can watch it from
108s wherever you are in the World tickets
110s are available from the room Fest website
112s from the 27th of March tickets are £175
115s for the entire event but if you want of
118s the first 500 the price drops to £50 and
121s if you buy a ticket for room Fest you
123s get access to insomnia as well insomnia
126s has always been about bringing gaming
128s communities together so what better
129s partner than them for bringing back run
131s Fest run Fest to me is about meeting
134s players from all walks of life coming
136s together as a a wider games Community
140s getting everyone there together in one
142s very very big room it create something
145s that you don't see anywhere else I am so
148s excited for Rea Fest I can't wait way to
150s [Music]
160s go