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Originally posted by Jamo_Z

Surprising amount of reused assets honestly, I recognised at least 4-5 attacks & hazards from other bosses and parts of the game

It’s because the footage was taken before we had made the bosses projectiles, amongst other things.

about 1 month ago - /u/Mod_West - Direct link

Originally posted by Misairuzame

Does that imply they had the same affects as the place holder assets? No need to answer if it's a big spoiler. I'm perfectly happy finding out on release. Thanks for coming around the sub to answer questions / concerns.

Not necessarily, I think the Zuk projectile was plugged in most places as it’s one of the better assets we have. I think the Fire ball might be close to what you expect, but it’s not really a spoiler to say you should avoid tile targeted attacks :P

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