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Any information you can share on what's actually causing the instability? And will the potential resolutions improve some of the lag many worlds have historically experiences (like 2k total)?

On the Old School side of things, not at this stage. It's being taken seriously and we acknowledge that it's impacted your experience.

We're aware of reports of lag especially on 2k total worlds. There's no silver bullet fix for those issues but we are aware of reports and we're committed to ongoing work to ensure the servers are maintained and ran to the highest standard possible.

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Fr. This statement screams "our PR team threw this together without bothering to consult engineering or any other department"

Apologies that it came across that way. Our intention was to communicate with you all, ackowledge the issue and get a statement out in a reasonable timeframe. I acknowledge that it's not a lot of information to share - we'll make sure that feedback is taken on board.

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Do you know if the cause for the 2k world lag is identified at all? I've always theorized it has to do with more people who participate in instanced content, but would love any insight

This has been something that pops up and has done consistently for a while now. It is difficult to pinpoint exact cause because of so many variables. Generally, skill total worlds have more authentication requests, so those servers in general do more general work, which can put them at risk of performance issues in comparison to other types of worlds. I'm not a professional working in the engine team so I can only pass on the reports to help them identify if there's any issues.

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Lots of words to say nothing...

Could've put out a tweet saying the same thing and to expect a more detail blog post at a later date, but upper management is probably hoping this kinda just goes away and they don't have to follow up.

Your feedback about preferring a more detailed blog at a later date over a less detailed one that comes sooner is really valuable. Thank you!

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A whole business week for a statement isn’t a good look

Since RuneScape 3 worlds were affected by similar outages we felt like a joint statement at the same time is much better so that one game didn't communicate with its playerbase before another. We mentioned on our livestream yesterday that we'd give a statement today, however I understand a week turnaround time is a while to wait. Thank you so much for your patience on it though.

Also, the fact you're 2271/2277 is great, hope you can max soon.

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Yeah this is definitely going to be the major takeaway for you guys from this. I read it interested to like understand the issue and maybe get a timeline on a fix or some kind of assurances that mattered but after a week you guys basically said "We're aware and trying to do something trust me" which falls well short of, well, anything that people cared about other than maybe the impossible event of you guys not even knowing to begin with or the unlikely one where you're just doing nothing as a studio lol.

Got it, and thanks for the feedback. It wasn't the intention, but I totally understand how it might have come across in that way. We don't want to leave you in the dark which is why we felt this was appropriate but I'll make sure to communicate the response and offer some insight from this

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imo, they just dont wanna pay money to upgrade servers and make excuses to beat around the bush. There will also be excuses cause the only solution is to spend more money to upgrade, which corpos will never approve

There were a series of 5-hour downtime/maintenance windows to improve servers in various regions not too long ago. We've been doing work to improve the servers behind the scenes but we're usually hesitant to make a song and dance about it because we know that lag issues are difficult to resolve... Instead we tend to instead make small improvements and iterative changes which people may not notice right away. Nevertheless I completely understand what the feedback here is saying and your feedback will be passed on! Thanks

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U/ JagexLight do you have any update to the mobile issues that have persisted since March 7th.

A mobile build released today fixing some issues (https://twitter.com/oldschoolrs/status/1636681993340559360?s=46), as for the S Pen issues we are still working on it. It’s been assigned to the next engine update which is pencilled in for the end of the month. Can’t guarantee a fix by then but that’s what we are aiming for. I apologise for the inconvenience caused and hope we can get it sorted for you soon. :)

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It's crazy how many high ranking HCIM lose status or how many people lose items, time, and money due to server issues, especially ones like this with no answer for days.

"we're working on it and are aware, but I'm not an engineer so I'll have to pass the comments along and they'll have an updated blog later"

So maybe a networking engineer or core part of that team should be answering concerns and defining the issue for the 2007scape community?

I feel like that's kind of common sense not rocket science PR.

It's not the single comment for me. It's the years on years of claiming transparency surrounding issues and multiple facets of the game and never living up to that claim that is annoying to me.

Every time something like this happens it's "we'll be more transparent in the future" Only to no avail.

Engineers aren’t required to communicate with players as their core focus should be about maintaining the server stability so you can enjoy the game you love! Having said that, you’ve definitely helped to identify that we (CM) would probably benefit from working closer with that team so I can provide you with more of the answers you’re looking for. I’m really grateful for this feedback and I will absolutely pass it on.